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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm being punished.

Along with everyone else who went to dinner last night. Well, almost everyone.

We went out to celebrate my FIL's birthday and we had dinner reservations at a very lovely restaurant near the water here in Virginia Beach. We had looked over the menu earlier in the afternoon (gotta love the Internet!). We knew what we wanted...even right down to our drinks.

Dinner came and went. The wine was a-flowin' and the warm, crusty bread was heavenly. (It's actually the only thing I don't regret eating last night.) The ice cream cake topped off the night.

This morning, I'm (un)happy to report that there were seven, yes, SEVEN of us (and there were only 12 of us at dinner) who all shared the same tummy woes. It wasn't the wine. It wasn't the other drinks. Nothing was done in excess (not in my eyes at least). Obviously, something did not set right or someone has the wretched tummy bug. No one can pin-point it -- we all ate different appetizers and entress. I guess for now we will all just have to deal with it. Unfortunately. But, this, too, shall pass. (Yes, the pun IS intended.)



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