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Monday, October 13, 2008

It's fall cleaning time!

I hate to clean. I hate it very much. But, I do keep a relatively tidy best as I can do with two kids, three cats, one husband and a full-time job.

I'm excited to say that this Thursday I will have someone coming to the house to do a good cleaning. It's going to cost me a bit more than I was originally expected to pay, but the best part is that she is green/eco-friendly!

I also scheduled a carpet cleaning. I absolutely despise my carpet, but I can't afford to replace it just yet either with new carpet or wood or laminate flooring. So, if I can't replace it, I may as well give it a good cleaning. I have a steam cleaner of my own, but that is just another chore to add to my list, so I called the people at Chem-Dry to come out. I saw their ad at Home Depot over the weekend and also got a newsletter from them in the mail. I haven't had them in my home since 2004 (no, that doesn't mean it's been that long since I've cleaned the carpets...gross...there have been "others" who have cleaned my carpet since then).

So, even though I'm going to be shelling out some cash I'd rather not spend this month, at least it's going towards my home and making it better. And, just knowing that the two companies I will be dealing with have my families health and well-being at interest gives me peace of mind.

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