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Stuttering Shell: Things that do not suck...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Things that do not suck...

  • pancakes for dinner...yum...they are even better if they are chocolate chip pancakes, but you can substitute a side of bacon for the chocolate chips and all will be right with the world
  • tears of happiness...the kind you get from sappy movies, watching babies being born, etc.
  • my new sweater from Target...the only I probably shouldn't have bought
  • playa del carmen, mexico...get there and you'll see why it doesn't suck
  • good friends
  • good wine
  • good food...I am overdue for a sushi dinner...
  • sunny and crisp fall days
  • holiday smells -- pine, cinnamon, mulled spices...
  • coming home to a clean house
  • being caught up on all the laundry...even if it's only a temporary thing
  • pedicured toes...even though mine aren't always looking their best
  • "boat drinks" in the winter
  • Radio Margaritaville
  • paying off a credit card or two
  • keeping the faith even when times seem tough
  • giggling with your cousin...even though she said, "you need a little more dork in your life."
  • working for family who are your friends and friends who are your family...although this particular thing that does not suck CAN suck at times =]
  • cashmere sweaters
  • my Birkenstock "Boston" clogs -- all three pairs of them
  • old school Dave Matthews Band...RIP Roi!
  • beachcombing on Hatteras Island
  • snugga, snugga, snugga time with the kids
  • fresh baked brownies
  • money in the bank
  • road trips
  • being able to help others
  • being appreciated
  • saying "I love you" and meaning every bit of it
  • my Dyson...because it DOES suck, but in a good way (yes, it's true, they don't lose their suction!)

To be continued...

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