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Thursday, October 16, 2008

You want fries with that?

Much to M & A's dismay, I have purchased them coordinating Halloween costumes for trick-or-treating this year. I used to be able to get away with this no problem back when they were younger and less vocal.

Halloween 2003 - A & M were a carrot and a bunny, respectively. Malia cried after we took this picture...

Halloween 2004 A & M were a frog and a princess...I can't believe I don't have a picture of this Halloween to share online, but we did get professional pictures taken in their costumes that year (Glamour Shots...gasp!) so I'll have to scan one.

Halloween 2005 they were chickens. A obviously wasn't thrilled to be a chicken if the picture below is any indicator...I mean, he's running away from the camera!

Halloween 2006 A & M were getting in touch with their Asian roots...they are 1/4 Chinese after all. I spent a weekend in San Francisco the month before and visited Chinatown with my family and picked up these outfits for the kids. They love them!

Halloween 2007 was the first Halloween that the kids did not want to dress alike...and it was, I'm sorry to admit, a sort of a rushed, last minute thing on my end because I wasn't on the ball with costumes. But, the kids were fine with the run-of-the-mill witch and Spiderman costumes. Aidan wore his Spiderman costume out and I just recently threw it away.

This year, it's back to the coordinating costumes and I cannot wait to receive the package in the mail. I'm glad I waited because Pottery Barn Kids had some great deals on their costumes. This year the kids are going to be a hot dog and a side of fries. Seriously. I even ordered special trick-or-treat bags...they are shaped like a ketchup packet! Ha!

This picture is from Pottery Barn Kids' website, but it gives you an idea of what the costumes will look like:

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