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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

If you can't drive, then stay off the roads!

Once again, I followed an idiot to work this morning.

My commute to work this morning -- all ten whopping minutes of it -- was pretty uneventful. Traffic was light and people actually drove the speed limit! Of course, all of that changed once I turned into the back entrance of the commercial/industrial area where our office is located. I was following a pick-up truck down the road when it just stopped.

STOPPED...right foot on the brake and not on the gas...STOPPED.

The truck is stopped right in a 3-way intersection. I'm behind the truck with my turn signal on because I need to turn right to get to the office. I know the driver of the pick-up truck can see me because the truck had those really wide side-view mirrors on it (because God knows there was no way to see me out of the back of the truck with all the crap he had piled in the bed of the truck!).

Anyway, I guess the driver of the truck was lost or didn't follow whatever directions he had because next thing I know is that the truck is in REVERSE. Hello!? Um, do you not see me in my little Nissan Altima with my turn signal on behind you? Fortunately, there was enough room for me to scoot by the truck and turn onto the next street.

Seriously, though, the truck could have just continued going straight and turned around in the cul-de-sac that was straight ahead (I guess he didn't realize that the particular road we were on was a dead end). Somehow just throwing the truck in reverse seemed like the most viable option irregardless of who or what was behind him. Thank goodness there was room for me to escape because if I had to spend my morning laying on my horn & shouting expletives it would have made for a very bad day.

Wait...I did lay on my horn & shout expletives. Nevermind.

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