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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


To the lady who hit my car with her car door in the parking lot of Farm Fresh this afternoon...

I realize that it was late in the afternoon and that you, too, were probably doing the "crap, what am I going to fix for dinner" shuffle. Judging by the hasty way you parked your Honda Accord, you were clearly in a hurry. I mean, parking diagonally in a space that is maybe 5 feet wide when there were cars parked on either side is pretty damn sad if you ask me. At any rate, you managed to park your vehicle without issue; however, when you came around to the passenger side to take your toddler son out of the car did you not hear the "THUNK" as your car door hit my car? I know I did...I was sitting in the damn car! Sure, I may have been on the phone with my husband, but even HE knew what happened because a ridiculous variety of expletives came out of my mouth the minute your car hit mine.

You had to have seen me in the car because I saw you plain as day with your bleached blonde hair and black track suit. Hell, I even got out of my car and walked into the grocery store at the same time you did and still no apology or acknowledgement that you hit my car. Sure, it didn't leave a dent. Yeah, the scuff mark can be buffed off. Maybe you think that my car is a piece of crap anyway because it's got 94374539476 pollen spores on it and it squeaks when I start it up (I mean, it's 9 years old!) so what is another ding...but the point is, you hit my damn car!

I know, I were in a hurry, you had your kid with you...blah...blah...blah. I hit a parked car once. Actually, it was my son who hit the car. He opened his door after I told him not to and it hit the car I was parked next to. Even though I immediately apologized to that lady (who happened to be in her car as well) and my son apologized to her (mind you, he was only 3 years old at the time) she still proceeded to bless me out in the parking lot and even made my son cry. I wouldn't have done that, but a simple, "Hey, I'm so sorry, I bumped into your car door, " would have been nice. I know what it's like to be in a rush and have things go all crazy-chaotic with the kids. I know. I live that life daily. But, set an example for your kid and own up to your mistakes, will ya?

Next time you park all crazy in a parking space and hit the car next to you, just say you're sorry if the owner of the car you hit happens to be right there, OK?

Happy parking,

P.S. Yes, I'm exceptionally bitchy today.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

...but the point is, you hit my damn car!


Apr 22, 2009, 7:02:00 PM  

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