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Saturday, May 2, 2009

SMALL TALK SIX - My Teachers Did WHAT?!

Today's Small Talk Six topic is...

6 things you always wondered about any of your teachers or professors when you were in school

  1. What kind of car did they drive - I don't know, but I've always been interested in knowing what kind of car a person drives. I guess it's just interesting to see who drives a clunker, who drives a fancy-schmancy car, who drives a truck, etc.
  2. What did they do for fun - I mean, it was all business and very little play in school, right? Of course, now that I'm older I've actually run into teachers out in public...more specifically, in bars. Ha ha ha. I guess that answers MY question.
  3. Why did they become a teacher - Was it their first career choice? Was it the easiest major in college? Was it due to a career change? Why, why, why? I almost became a teacher, but I dropped out of grad school. My heart just wasn't in it anymore.
  4. If they could have any other profession in the world besides teaching, what would it be - because you and I both know that even the most passionate & dedicated teacher has thought a time or two about what he/she would rather be doing as a career from time to time...
  5. Are they really THAT mean in real life - I mean, these are people who have friends and family outside of the classroom, right?
  6. How many red pens do they go through in one year - if I just think back to all of the papers I had graded from elementary school on through college, well, there was a TON of red ink used on just my things alone!

So, what are six things that you've ever wondered about your teachers/professors? Be sure to stop by Momdot to read more responses to Small Talk Six.

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Blogger Cassie said...

very cute new layout! I love it!

May 4, 2009, 7:14:00 PM  

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