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Stuttering Shell: craptastic? nah.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

craptastic? nah.

more bad news came in the mail this week, but whatever.  shit is hitting the fan just like we knew it would.  we just keep hoping that good will triumph over bad.  and, if anything, i reminisce about the day that karma called the office for my f.i.l. {of all people to have karma actually call...}.  yes, a woman named karma called.  she was trying to collect what was owed.  karma... 

that's not craptastic.  that's fantastic.

but anyways...
  • my parents & the kids are here this weekend.  we're busy working around the house today, but tomorrow should be a great day to head to the beach.  the kids are excited to be home; however, they're headed back with my parents on sunday night.  {we are so grateful that my parents help us out every summer with the kids.  not having to pay nearly 2.5 months worth of childcare is wonderful.  but knowing that memories & bonds are continually being formed between the kids & my parents is priceless.}
  • i may or may not have picked this book up at target last weekend and skimmed through a few lines chapters.  i didn't buy it, though.  hell, i don't even really watch that housewives crap.
  • on thursday night, we went to see jackass flats.  it's not often the boys play in our area, but when they do we are almost always there.  this was a free show and adam & i had never been to doc taylor's seaside lounge before and it was a great way to end what was a pretty craptastic day.  and, i think this coming tuesday we're going to trek down to the outer banks brewing station to see the boys play again.  **if you like bluegrass or are open to other genres of music, please check them out.  you won't be disappointed.  promise.
  • something is going on at work and, if it all works out, it should work out in my favor.  at least i hope so.  i have my fingers crossed.  but {and there's always a but} my boss said that my transition from full-time to part-time kind of threw a wrench in his plan.  but {of course i countered!} i told him that the reason i went part-time is because my current job isn't keeping me busy enough to work full-time, so...   at any rate, i just hope whatever it is keeps me at the office closer to home & maybe comes with a pay raise.
  • i won a giveaway!  the lovely summer {whom i'm proud to call a friend!!} picked out the beautiful silhouette print shown below.  soon, this beauty will grace my home.  where should i put it??  in the meantime, please check out summer's blogs:  {B is for...}, House of Dolls, B is also for Baby & Bon Temps Cake Shop
    {check out loveliette's etsy shop, please!}
    • my blog sale is still very much in the works.  my goal for this weekend is to get a few things photographed & listed.  notice the key word:  goal.  but, definitely bookmark the site or follow it with that google friend thingy, please.
     {you can find shell shells... by clicking here}
    • everything has been so craptastic lately that i'm really trying to focus on the good and make myself a more positive person.  i've always been a "glass half-empty" kind of a gal.  i've got to change because i find that i bring myself down at times.  so, if you see me getting sad, kick me in the pants, will ya?
    • did i tell you that i'm registered for the fall semester?  well, i am.  i'm taking f-o-u-r classes.  three are at the graduate level.  spring 2012 is my graduation goal.  if it comes sooner, that would be great.
    • adam & i have two concerts to look forward to in the next two weeks:
     this guy

    {jack johnson}

    and these guys

    • our veggie garden is doing well.  i'm going to start canning.  i need to also make giant batches of pesto because our italian basil plants are out of control. 
    i think it's probably safe to say that craptastic stuff is making way for some fantastic stuff.  at least i hope that is the case.  we're happy-go-lucky people.  we're simple.  we don't deserve to be going through what we're going through, but we'll be alright.  i think.  i hope.  i know.

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    Blogger R said...

    Keep your head up Michelle. I know it's not easy, it's something I'm working on these days too. But it's got to get better eventually.

    Jul 10, 2010, 2:10:00 PM  
    Blogger Lisa said...

    keep on truckin' girl! hang in there and enjoy two of my fave boys :) (jack and dave!)praying for you and your family...

    Jul 10, 2010, 5:56:00 PM  
    Blogger Kristen @ said...

    I really hope everything gets better! I am praying for you!

    Jul 10, 2010, 10:18:00 PM  
    Blogger Classy Fab Sarah said...

    Hang in there girl! Praying for you!

    Jul 11, 2010, 8:59:00 PM  
    Blogger Chelle said...

    Aw, Shell, I am loving your positive outlook! It's hard sometimes to see the good when the bad is usually in our faces--but keep your head up, hun!

    And totally jealous of your concerts!! Lucky chica :)

    Jul 11, 2010, 10:24:00 PM  

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