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sunday night brain dump: mother's day edition, sort of.

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Stuttering Shell: sunday night brain dump: mother's day edition, sort of.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

sunday night brain dump: mother's day edition, sort of.

what a day. as soon as the kids went to bed i do believe the house sighed with relief. i know i did. 

tomorrow is monday. the kids are headed back to school {after being off all of last week due to our vacation}. i'm looking forward to the routine...again.

the house is a wreck. but, i told myself that i was NOT going to do anything domestic related this weekend and i didn't. what a nice break. of course, that just means tomorrow i'll be busy doing laundry, changing sheets, mopping floors and cleaning the bathrooms. yuck.

my mother's day was lovely. i slept a lot. really, i don't normally wake up at 11:15 a.m. nor do i get to take an hour long nap in the afternoon. mother's day needs to happen more often than once a year.

my gifts weren't extravagant or outlandish. they never are. i asked for an adirondack chair and i got two {technically, one is adam's because he decided he wanted one, too}. i also got another hydrangea bush {it's blooms are pink right now...let's see what happens with our soil} and a blueberry bush. the kids got me some jewelry from california {they stayed three days longer than adam & i did}. my parents bought me summer grace...this momma loves philosophy.

we did a lot of planting in the garden and in pots this weekend. we also turned our old metal firepit into a planter since adam is building a new firepit out of brick on our new paver patio.

i mentioned that we went to california. we had an amazing time. my cousin's wedding was absolutely beautiful. i drank a lot of wine, but that is to be expected when the wedding & reception is at a winery. we played tourist in san francisco and loved every moment of it. while there, my sister and i treated our parents to an anniversary dinner in chinatown {they celebrated 39 years of marriage on may 4th}. we left san francisco on monday and headed to los angeles. we spent the day at disneyland. adam & i headed home on tuesday, but the kids stayed until thursday. they made it all the way to san diego...lucky them!

i'll do a proper post with pictures of our vacation soon...promise. i wish i would have taken more food pictures. why? because some of you would absolutely die {okay, maybe not} if you knew & saw some of the things we ate {sea cucumber, abalone, roast suckling pig, ginger eggs...yeah}. i'm half-chinese. this trip was quite possibly one big chinese family reunion. and, what does my chinese family do when we're together? we eat. a lot. for reals.

thank goodness for my favorite beach bum and shakeology. she's had amazing success with this product and gave me a taste of it last week. i'm hooked and i'm thinking about jumping on the shakeology bandwagon. really, i cannot stop thinking about that shake!

this is my last week of "freedom." summer classes start the 16th and i'm taking two classes {a.k.a. a full-time course load} AND i start working until mid-july {for the same company i worked for last month}.

keep your eyes peeled. i'll be bombarding y'all with quite a bit of information soon, but it will all be good, i promise. i don't know if any of you noticed the keurig ambassador badge to the right, but a lot of great keurig-related things will be happening on my blog throughout the next YEAR. i'll also be posting reviews of a nerf toy for boys, the toddy, sand-off & my crock pot from csn stores.

i mentioned on twitter not long ago that adam might have a new job opportunity on the horizon that will be better for our family in so many ways. keep us in your prayers.

so, there you have it. some random mumbo-jumbo that i've purged from my crazy head. i hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



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