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Stuttering Shell: Where has the time gone??

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where has the time gone??

I turned 30 last year.
In February, the hubby & I will celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary -- totalling up to 14 years of togetherness.
In March, the hubby will turn 30...finally...and our daughter will turn 7. Yes, 7.
In April, we'll pay taxes again...booo...hisss!
In May, my parents will celebrate 36 years of wedded bliss...I think this is awesome!
In June, my baby will be 5.
In July, my Mom will celebrate another birthday...and let's just say that she does NOT look her age at all.
Also in July, my kids will start another school year -- I will send my lil' guy off to Kindergarten and my big girl will be a 2nd grader.
August will come and go...
Come September, I'll be 31...or, as I keep saying, 25 with 6 years experience. The hubby & I will also be spending another wonderful week in Playa del Carmen...I cannot wait. Cannot.
In October, my father will celebrate another year of being able to qualify for the senior discount at Golden Corral. He he he. Love you, Dad!
November means my sissy is another year closer to 30 -- 29 is looking good, isn't it???
Ah, yes, and December...good ole December. Bah humbug.



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