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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I spoke too soon.

It's nearly 10am and I'm still here at home. I just took a nice, hot shower -- and I'm still congested, my throat still hurts and my ears have that funny clogged feeling. I've called the doctor's office already, too.

At first I called the after hours answering service line -- whoops! But, really, it's like the first number you see on the website. Did they really expect me to read? After I realized my mistake, I called the office number expecting to speak to someone considering how small my family doctor's practice is (it's just him and a nurse practitioner), tell me why I had to leave a message? It was no different than calling a friend and getting their voice mail or answering machine. Seriously. The last thing that was said before the BEEP was that they would call back. So, I'm waiting.

And waiting and waiting and waiting. And, no, they didn't call back while I was in the shower because I checked the caller ID on the house phone and I checked my cell phone, too.

I hate waiting. Especially for something like this. I suppose I could just drive to the doctor's office and see if they are taking walk-ins and sit and wait, but then I'd just waste my whole day and, considering I'm not feeling 100% myself, I'd rather sit and waste the day here in the comfort of my own home.

What is even more irritating is the possibility of not even seeing the doctor today and having to go back tomorrow or even Friday. I really wanna see someone today so I can get on the right meds (if need be). I have a commitment on Friday -- and out of state commitment -- and I gotta be healthy...OK, semi-healthy (I'm only pouring drinks for a bunch of men at a Ducks Unlimited banquet). Ugh!

(it is kind of funny to think about it, though...I'm always sick this time of year right before the DU banquet...just ask Adam's cousin's wife, Cindy...she's the one pouring the drinks with me!)

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