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Stuttering Shell: A princess turns 8 today!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A princess turns 8 today!

In May 2000, I graduated from college and had landed my first "real" job with a county government office in a locality not too far from home. I loved my job and I was very excited to start my "adult life." However, in June of that same year, I found out that I was pregnant. I was 22 years old, unmarried (although Adam & I had been together, at that time, for nearly 6 years) and very much determined to make the best of the unexpected gift that was given to me.

Fast forward to March 12, 2001 -- the day I gave birth to our daughter, Malia. It was on that day that I truly learned what love was. She and I had formed a bond the moment I found out I was pregnant with her, but that bond took on a new strength & meaning when she entered into this world. Adam and I were truly blessed to have such a wonderful little girl brought into our lives.

Malia is my heart & soul. She is the exact spitting image of me -- looks, sass, wit, attitude, smarts (*wink, wink*) -- and my life has become all the better because she is my daughter. Adam and I love her so very much. She's our girl...our sometimes goofy, a little bit spoiled, very smart & sassy girl. Malia is such a wonderful big sister to her brother, Aidan, and she is - without a doubt - the best granddaughter our parents could have asked for. She is truly a special little girl and she is loved more than she'll ever know.

Happy 8th birthday, sweet girl!

This was about a month before Malia was born -- I ate many blueberry pancakes when I was pregnant with funny is it that Malia absolutely despises blueberries?!

At only 5 days old she already had an inquisitive look about her...

Drama, drama, drama...who knew her very first birthday cake would have an effect like this? Maybe it's because she never liked being a messy baby...this picture just screams, "No, Mom...don't take any pictures of me like this!"

Not even 2 years old and playing in the snow (a very rare event for Virginia Beach) -- and already looking stylish with her fleece-cuffed jeans and hot pink puffer jacket.

Always a ham for the camera...she got that from Mommy!

Oh, how I miss that bald head of Malia' took nearly two years for her hair to start coming in.

The proud big sister -- exactly 27 months older than her brother -- and look at those curls! She did so well transitioning from being the only child to becoming the big sis (and to this day her brother hardly ever calls her by her him, she's always been "sis").

Malia was never far from her "yellow blankie." And, even with us reeling in the clean up & after effects from Hurricane Isabel, Malia was prepared for anything -- blanket in one hand, a dress in the other, and a clean pair of "unnawears" on her head.

Three years old and so much fun!

Four years old and such a big girl!

Ah, the family that coordinates...we were a hit at that wedding! And, Malia was the life of the party.

Five years old and, yes, Mummy does love her!

Six years old and ready for the first grade! It still amazes me that she's no longer the sassy bald headed baby who was saying, "Wassat? (what's that)" at 6 months old and walking at 9 months old. Where has the time gone?

Seven years old and so pretty in pink!

Malia -- my "mini me"

Malia - this morning - it is school picture day & her birthday...what a day! She's so sweet, stylish & smart. She's growing up too fast for my liking (but don't all kids do that?!), but she's my love & I am so proud of the wonderful young girl she's become.

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OpenID metrogirl said...

What a beautiful little girl. Happy Bday, Malia!

Mar 12, 2009, 2:04:00 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Awe! I love the unnawears picture. She must love that you have pictures like that. Happy Birthday to her!


Mar 12, 2009, 7:51:00 PM  

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