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Monday, July 21, 2008

An attempt at organization...

Notice I said attempt. However, for the price of the calendar, I think I'll be motivated not only to keep dates and things to do clearly written out in one central location, but I'll also clean off my fridge so I can show off my new calendar. =]

I ordered it today from Em Tanner Designs. She's the mastermind behind the cute shirts that Jon & Kate Gosselin's kiddos wear on Jon & Kate Plus Eight. I am super-excited because in a week or so I'll be the proud new owner of the "Kate calendar." I purchased it in the blue color and specified the "beach bum" font. I got the smallest size that Em Tanner carries and I think it's still going to be substantial enough for my needs. And, it's going to P-O-P on my black fridge. ;-)

Here is what it looks like (only this one is pink):

I think it's pretty snazzy myself...and I cannot wait to visit her website again to order plates and shirts for my two kiddos. Maybe I'll even get an "i heart adam" shirt for myself. =]



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