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Stuttering Shell: August 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If you don't have anything nice to say...

Then don't shop at K-Mart.

While in K-Mart yesterday afternoon I was insulted, perplexed and down right astonished at how many rude people there are in this world...and yesterday they all seemed to be shopping at K-Mart.

As I was picking up some padded envelopes, I was insulted by a young girl who was shopping for school supplies. The kids were being a bit fussy as I walked into the aisle. It was our last stop in the store, so I just asked them to please keep the noise level down and we would be leaving soon. The girl in the aisle heard us and turned to me and said, "Are they yours?" to which I replied, "Yes." Her response?

"I'm sorry."

WTF? I shot her a look that totally said, "You've got to be kidding me, right?" The girl immediately started to apologize, but it wasn't genuine. She then told me that she was in college...her freshman year just started. To that, I said to her, "I'm sorry." and we walked out of the aisle.

On our way to the checkout counter (and every time I'm in K-Mart they only have ONE cashier working no matter what time of day or night), the kids are following along behind me. We get to the only cashier working and they started to head towards the narrow check-out area. As they walk in front of me, this short, pudgy woman on a motorized scooter/shopping cart cuts in front of us. In all of her barefooted, cankled up, purple jumpsuit glory she says to me, "I'm sorry, I was just trying to get in front of you." and she kept whizzing on by in her scooter. The kids turned around and the looks on their faces was priceless. They couldn't believe that they almost got run over by an older woman in a scooter.

As we were checking out, Malia saw a magazine with The Jonas Brothers plastered all over it. She squealed with delight. I told her that she could look at it, but I was not buying it (I'm still trying to get over the fact that last week I spent $40 on a t-shirt at The Jonas Brothers concert!). There was an old woman in line behind us who proceeded to say, "That stuff rots your brain anyways." I did my best to ignore her. I mean, it wouldn't be right of me to say anything to her...I'm supposed to respect my elders, right? I paid for our things and gathered the kids. As we headed to the car, I asked Malia, "Did that woman say what I thought she said?" Malia nodded.

So, the moral of this story is --

If you need to pick up a few things on your way home from work, don't try to cut corners and save time by going to K-Mart...just keep on driving and go to Wal-Mart.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hold on, I'll take the helicopter!

Who flies to a college graduation -- via helecopter?? Apparently we do...or rather, we did. Adam's dad insisted that instead of driving to Farmville for Cousin Ashley's commencement ceremonies we would fly. It definitely made things easier. Too bad I didn't have time to make sure I looked better, though. ;-)

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Are you ready for some fantasy football??

Adam is. I'm not.

It's that time of the year again. Fantasy drafts are this weekend for both of the leagues that Adam participates in. This means that Adam will be taking over the computer until after the Super Bowl...or at least he's going to TRY.

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As the post below indicates, I will be on vacation in a mere 26 days. I cannot wait. I need a break and Playa del Carmen, Mexico is calling my name.

That being said, this will be mine and Adam's first trip alone in who knows how long. It seems odd, doesn't it? I mean, we're always going somewhere, but we are always with other people -- the kids, family, friends -- someone is always with us!

I'm looking forward to it. Our relationship needs mending and our romance needs rekindling. Although we hardly spend any time apart these days, it's just not the same when you work for the same company as your husband -- oh, did I mention that he's kinda-sorta my boss, too?? Yeah...see what I mean?

Lately, Adam and I have both been under a lot of stress...our ability to adequately communicate with one another usually just ends in me crying and the both of us arguing. Not so swell. I guess we just use each other as our verbal punching bags and that isn't right. We've been together for way too long and come too far to be mean to one another.

But, I digress...

I'm looking forward to the time alone with Adam. We need this vacation. Even the drive up to Reagan National Airport in the early morning hours before our flight will be wonderful (as long as we're not running late).

Just him. Just me. Just us.


26 more days until this...

Brekky at El Nativo


Lunch at Mamita's Beach Club


Blueberry Margaritas at Babe's


Steak Arrachera at HC de Monterrey
Life is good in Playa del Carmen, Mexico...I cannot wait!

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You know, I have those days where I just feel like my life could have been better somehow. I feel guilty about this.

Today is one of them.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Be cool -- stay in school...

Malia, grade 2, and Aidan, grade K

Did I ever share a picture of the kids from their first day of school?? Well, here it is. It isn't the greatest, but it will do. It's kinda hard to smile when you have to squint because the sun is in you face. But, here are Malia and Aidan back on July 21st as they were waiting on the school bus.


I'm 25! I'm 25!

At least that's what the Wii Fit told me tonight. FINALLY! We've had it for about a month and tonight was the first time it has ever told me that I am younger than I really am -- well -- according to it's tests. Just last week it told me I was 55. LOL

I guess I've learned that it's best to do the whole "Wii Fit age" thing AFTER a good "work-out" session on the Wii Fit. I'll try it again tomorrow and see what happens.


Monday, August 18, 2008

But for the grace of God...

In my heart of hearts, I feel as if God is telling me that my family needs to stay put where we are. I'm not an overly religious person. I don't pray every night. But, from time to time, I do turn to God (whom just happens to be the religious diety that I choose to believe in) for advice. I feel that He knows best, right?

So, this house. You know, the one near the FIL. As nice as it would be to be closer to him, it's just not in the cards for us at this particular moment in our lives. We have too much vested into our current home at the moment (both literally and figuratively). Our kids are already in school and M's been attending the same school for three years now. We love our neighborhood and our home (even though it seems as if the walls are closing in on us sometimes). Financially, it just wouldn't be feasible.

I feel like I'm coming to my senses for a change. Normally, I would just go for it. When it comes to matters of money, I seem to have very little self-control and tend to "go for the gusto" which is completely opposite of how I am from a personality stand point...sorta. I just feel as if God's telling me that this is where we need to be no matter how gut-wrenchingly excruiciating it would be to stay here. You know, there are reasons why it would be good to move, too -- most important case in point would be to get the heck away from all of the "Wisteria Lane" happenings down in the cul-de-sac thanks to my estranged MIL. Who would want to live near someone like that? But, I continue to maintain that it's MY house they all have to drive by on their way home and not the other way around.

At any rate, I just think that we were meant to stay here. Not necessarily forever, but for the moment. We're not finished here yet. This is where our family established it's roots. This is where we have grown, loved, fought, laughed, cried, shared and grown comfortable with one another. This is where we have made mistakes, learned the hard way and gained from lessons learned.

And, while I feel that we should remain here and while I feel that it is His will that we remain here, I do also realize that there is a very slight possibility that we will end up in the house by the FIL one of these days. Thinking about whether we can afford it or not gives me an ulcer, so lately I've been choosing not to even think about the home at all. This is my home. This is where my family lives and this is where we need to continue to be.

But, for the grace of God...

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Psst...guess what?!

I have 33 more sleeps until Mexico!

This bad mood is like a rash that won't go away.

I've been in a funk. It's gone on for a couple days now. Is it PMS? I don't know. Do I care? No. I really don't. Perhaps I'll cheer up tomorrow -- at least it will be Friday and pay day. =]

Monday, August 11, 2008

About that house ----

Yeah, about that house.

2 offers and 1 counter-offer later there is still no house.

The seller isn't budging. Come to find out that we were the first offer that house has had in the year it's been on the market with it's current realtor.

Time will tell if it is meant to be ours.


eat, pray, love

So I'm currently reading "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert and it's opening my mind to things that I have never really thought about. Wait, scratch that. It's opening my mind to things that I don't think about often enough. Yes, that is it.

While I might not be a thirty something divorcee like the heroine in the book, I am a thirty something woman who still has a lot of life ahead of her and a lot of life's questions still lie unanswered. I consider myself to have a good relationship with my God. While my faith is not always unwavering (I do have my doubts from time to time, you know!), I do feel that I am not quite as "lost" as some people who are wandering along on this planet.

As I read, I'm realizing that I place far too much importance on trivial things that, in the end, just don't really matter. Bottom line is, I'm wasting too much of my precious lifetime to try and dwell upon things that have happened or worry about things that are going to happen. I need to learn to relax, step back and let things run their course. Now, letting go....that's a big step for me. I don't just "let go." I'm a semi-control freak. I like to have things how I want them, when I want them, etc.

Me and surprises -- no good.
Me and spontaneity -- no good.
Me and worrying -- good.
Me and dictating -- good.

That's all got to change. It has to. I can't keep living my life this way. You would think that having children would change this, but it hasn't. Adam's learned to roll with my "punches." And, while I keep throwing those "punches", "Eat, Pray, Love" is making me realize that I need to stop with the "punching." I need to release myself, relinquish the control and move on. And, moving on is my goal. Being able to let go and walk through life with a "C'est la vie" attitude.

We'll see...