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Stuttering Shell: March 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DUH! my giveaway winner...

leave it to me to be that schmuck who forgets about her own giveaway. yeah, i'm that girl.

anyways, i'd like to announce the winner of my tabletopics giveaway...

I am Lee-Ann...

congrats, girl! just email me where you'd like me to mail your tabletopics & it's on your way! and, thank you to all who entered.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

it's been since saturday... here's a quick update on moi.

still sorta down-in-the dumps. the uncertainty of not knowing the outcome of the situation the hubs is currently facing is, i believe, slowly eating away at my insides. honestly, the feelings ebb & flow. why can't the people who need to be punished just get punished and leave the rest of us alone?

we're in budgeting hell. it sucks. even though adam & i both work full-time, our income is still less than half of what it was when we worked together. needless to say, with all of the aforementioned drama, what we have saved is slowly, er, quickly dwindling away. i'm currently looking for a second job - i don't know whether to be excited or scared.

even though we're budgeting, i really, really, really want to go on a vacation this year. just me & the hubs. every year we try to get away for a week - just the two of us. but, this year, that may not happen. unless i can land that second job thing & make it somehow all work out. of course, it doesn't help that the hotel we love to stay at while in playa del carmen, mexico has slashed their rates considerably. air fare is pretty damn cheap, too.

spring break starts this weekend which means i'll be kissing my kids good-bye for a whole week. woo hoo! seriously, am i the only parent on the planet that ships their kids off to grandma & grandpa's for the entire week of spring break? probably.

my friend, catrina, gave birth to a sweet baby girl on monday morning. she doesn't have pics up on her blog, but from the pics i saw on facebook her new baby girl is a cutie-patootie!

on of april 1st we'll finally have health & dental insurance...again. ha. we've been without it since late last year {again, ex-job-related drama}. maybe now i can get something to help me with my feeling of blah-ness {although i really don't think i need it}.

speaking of blah-ness, that was me sunday. that's what happens when you try to drown your mutha effin' sorrows in beer, lemon drop shots & who knows what other kind of shots {good lawd, did i really drink hpnotiq??}. i don't remember much. i threw up. a lot. i had to be brought, no, carried a worried husband {not a mad husband according to some reports} the next morning. i am not ashamed.

the weather is supposed to be super nice & i think it's finally stopped raining {for now}.

my office has free yoga classes every wednesday. i mean, it's already fabulous that there is a gym in the building, but free yoga classes, too? i really should take advantage of this. too bad work is a good hour away from home or else i would.

adam is currently snoring on the couch which means i can sneak into the bedroom and hog our king size bed. i have fleece sheets on the bed right now, too. oh, so cuddly & warm. i'm sure there will be a little black & white 'heating pad' at my side, too {frisco is quite the snuggler}.

i have made the decision to go through my crafting things & sell what i don't use/need anymore. i don't know if i'll do a blog sale or just get rid of it via ebay. it's mostly going to be scrapbooking stuff. lots of creative memories stuff that i've accumulated over the years. i'll keep y'all posted.

...i guess that's it so far. nothing new. nothing exciting. just me.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

small talk six: hubba, hubba

today's small talk six topic over at momdot is a fun six celebrities you had a crush on when you were a tween or teen.

oh, the memories...
  1. river phoenix
  2. corey haim
  3. wil wheaton
  4. joey mcintyre
  5. sean astin
  6. ricky martin {from his menudo days}
i was definitely a child of the '80s, wasn't i?

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basket case?

do you have the time
to listen to me whine
about nothing and everything
all at once
i am one of those
melodramatic fools
neurotic to the bone
no doubt about it

sometimes I give myself the creeps

sometimes my mind plays tricks on me
it all keeps adding up
i think I'm cracking up
am I just paranoid?
am I just stoned?

{the first two verses of 'basket case' by green day}

nope, definitely not stoned. i don't think i'm paranoid either. but, it's a safe bet to assume that the rest of those lyrics do describe me to an extent. my quasi-breakdown post from earlier this week is living proof of that. i do have a flare for the dramatic sometimes. i recall that i did promise {at one point} to be more positive, so i'm sorry for being so negative. i had to get it out of my system. it worked at the time. all of that negative energy, however, is still floating around in my system.

but, before you go worrying about me & my mental state, please know that all is well in that cavernous space between my ears. really. i'm not mental. i'm pretty normal. i definitely do not believe i'm depressed {although those commercials for depression meds really strike a chord with me for some reason}. i'm sleeping like i should, eating like i should, working like i should, smiling & laughing like i should and loving like i should.

it's just been rough lately.

and, as the liar told me the other day, "get used to it because it's going to keep coming." {truer words have never been spoken from someone i have absolutely zero respect for. of course it's going to keep coming...if you would just stand up and assume responsibility for your actions, then maybe...just husband's life could go back to it's normal existence. but, no...}

i've said it before and i'll say it again -- i can't get into detailed specifics about what has me so miserable. it has to do with the company that adam & i both used to work for. it's an issue adam is unfortunately having to deal with {and i've made it my issue just because i'm his wife and we're a partnership...a team}. it's an issue that is draining our bank account, but it's not going to break us emotionally, mentally or physically. i don't know what the outcome will be, but i will say this...i would live with adam in a cardboard box if i had to.

additionally, it upsets me that we have to go through all of this with children in tow. they didn't ask to get thrown into this mess. they don't understand why a certain someone did what he did and why their father has to be the one held responsible. if adam & i didn't have children this situation wouldn't be torturing my heart nearly as badly as it is.

adam & i - our marriage - is fine. nothing rocky. a wee bit shaky due to the circumstances, but overall...everything is bueno.

i will end with this:

if you can't trust family, then who can you trust?

and that's all i have to say about that.


Friday, March 26, 2010

THROWBACK: overworked & underpaid

**because the blogging block has hit me like a ton of bricks i've decided to resurrect old posts from time to time.**

mother's day isn't here...YET...but i still think you should click & read...

overworked & underpaid

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license to drive?

i have mentioned my commute to work before. it can be a pretty intense drive at times. some days, i go through three tunnels just to get home {tunnels underwater, not tunnels through mountains}. overall? it's not so bad. you get used to it. of course, i say this now...we'll see what i'm saying next month, right?

anyways, i spend a good two hours of my day behind the wheel just commuting to & from work and these are some of the observations i've made as of late:
  • just because you have new jersey tags* on your car does not mean you get to maneuver a u-bomb of me. no, no, no. i'm going over the speed limit. you can't whip a car around that quickly.
  • just because you are driving a mother effin' mercedes does not mean you can just fling your car into my lane on the highway. especially not when i'm right there. and, especially without using your turn signal or checking first. maybe that's why your pretty, white mercedes suv is missing part of the tail light on the driver's side...did you ever think about that?
  • if you come flying up onto my rear bumper, please be prepared to get brake checked.
  • don't stop in the middle of the interstate to get out of your car and walk up to the person behind you who isn't even remotely close to hitting your car {i actually saw this the other morning}.
  • the cop is on the other side of the road...on the other side of the concrete barrier. he's got someone stopped already. you don't need to take your foot off the gas and drive below the speed limit. it's okay. keep driving.
  • if you're going to talk on your cell phone & drive at the same time, please make sure that you're doing the speed limit and not driving like you're going through a school zone {we're on the interstate...that's how cars get run over, ya know...}.
  • people, you look stupid if you're driving down the road with your turn signal on {with no turn or lane change in sight} or if your gas tank cap is wide open.
  • people, you look even more stupid if you're driving down the road with your left turn signal on {with no turn or lane change in sight} and your gas tank cap is wide open.
  • oh, and that whole driving with your turn signal on? you look mega stupid if you have your left turn signal on but you get into the right lane. duh.
  • headlights. use them. i don't care that it's not dark outside, but if it's freakin' cloudy or raining, you should at least have them on {no, not just your parking lights...are you parked? no, you're driving!}. it helps me to see you...especially when you're hovering around in my blind spot.
  • i speed. yes, i do. but please don't tailgate me. this isn't nascar {no drafting allowed!}. and, besides, the lane next to me is wide can go around me.
  • go for it. hit my car. you might think you're hot stuff in your snazzy sports car but my ten year old nissan is fully covered by my insurance {and i bet my rate is a whole lot cheaper than yours, too!}.
  • you see that light? it's green. please put your foot on the gas pedal and go.
  • there is a reason the on-ramp to an interstate has an acceleration lane. speed up, you schmuck!
  • beware out-of-towners, us virginia drivers are a whole 'nother breed of crazy on the road. trust me. if you don't believe me, just wait and see what happens if it's raining or if, gasp, it's snowing.
*i don't mean any disrespect. i have nothing against new jersey drivers except for that crazy fool who did indeed make a u-turn right in front of me as i was speeding, er, driving towards the interstate this morning.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

oh, the melodrama.

i haven't been a good bloggy friend. i haven't read any posts. i haven't blogged anything until now. i've been pretty quiet. pretty ho-hum. and then this afternoon came & went and, well, let's just say things are looking pretty bleak. kind of.

work is going well {oh, i've got to tell y'all about that!}. the kids are doing great. adam is adam. i'm alright, i suppose. we just have a lot of drama in our lives right now. we being me & adam. it's mostly adam's stuff, but i'm his wife, his partner, his *ahem* better half. i'm his 'through thick & thin, for richer or poorer, 'til death do we part' person. so, his drama is my drama.


the house is a wreck {not really, but it feels like it to me}. the laundry is piling up {but, really, does it ever stop?}. the dishes need to be loaded into the dishwasher. the toilet in the hall bath needs replacing. aidan's room...oh, aidan's room. i'm so sick of asking that boy to pick up his crap. the dog's been eating out of the bathroom trashcans {ew} and tonight he had his first taste of toilet water {our cats like it...gross}. and, it stinks in here. i did wear those god forsaken suede ballet flats today so it could very well be my feet, but this isn't a feet kind of smell. maybe it's the three flats of all sorts of veggies & crap growing in the window behind me. i don't know.

but, it's life.

life. it keeps coming at me.

i want to make it all stop. make things go away. make certain people go away. but, i can't. i can't because it's life. and, right now...right in this very instant, my life is shitty. well, maybe not shitty, but it certainly sucks. of course, there's always somebody out there who has it worse, but whatever. i don't give a rat's ass about whoever that somebody is. dammit, right now i'm bitching about me. me & this pathetic excuse for goodness & graciousness that i try to maintain & uphold on a daily basis.

seriously, y'all, i am on the verge of a nervous fucking breakdown. well, maybe not, but i'm close. i suppose this is what happens when you are the one who bottles up the emotions & deals internally with everything that is going wrong around you.

i want a drink. no, i need a drink. i promise y'all i'm not an alcoholic, but i'd really like to drink myself into a stupor and cry, cry, cry my eyes out. i said it on twitter earlier...lord knows i need a drink...or ten.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

spring has sprung...

...and it's about damn time.

{don't i wish i had some gerbera daisies in my home right now...i took this pic last year.}

the sun is shining. the air is warm {and isn't quite polluted with pollen just yet}. the brick pavers in our patio feel lovely on my bare feet. our windows are open. the kids are playing outside. adam's pruning, raking & weeding. i'm jammin' to some dave matthews band. a grocery list is being made for a cookout tonight. flip-flops are being pulled out of the closet. the horseshoe pit has been raked. our ann magnolia is budding which mean pretty purple flowers are coming. our bama bound daylilies are shooting up. the birds are chirping. my toes are polished.

buh-bye winter weather & hello spring. fabulous, glorious spring.

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Friday, March 19, 2010


the sea glass wreath from l.l. bean {even though i should just make my own with the bazillion seashells i have in the garage}:


the keurig cafe one-touch milk frother {so i can make lattes at home...but does anyone know of a cheaper option?}:

{source - 3rd item down}

concert tickets for these three upcoming shows...

lady antebellum:


jack johnson:


kings of leon:


tickets for the lady antebellum show & the kings of leon show both go on sale this saturday. jack tickets don't go one sale until april. it's been a good seven years since i've seen jack johnson live and i will attend that concert. oh, yes. i will be going.

that's all. nothing too exciting, but still things that i find myself daydreaming about.

what are you lusting for?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

dish pan hands?

have you seen my hands lately? no, you probably haven't. and, if you have, i sincerely apologize. really, i do because my hands are a hot mess. well, maybe not a hot mess. they are more like a wrinkly, dry, cracked mess.

hangnails? check.

brittle nails? check.

broken nails? check.

dry skin? check.

my hands are in desperate need of a mani, y'all. sad thing is, it's kind of pointless. at least i think so. i am so hard on my hands that my skin will be dry & icky and the polish will be chipped within days.

i suppose i do owe myself a little treat, though. maybe i should just get a mani. maybe i should be a little more faithful & better to my hands and then maybe they wouldn't be so freakin' embarrassing.

do you have some tricks that you use to keep your hands {and fingers} looking fabulous?

i don't care how ridiculous it is {because, yes, i've gone to bed with my hands slathered in vaseline & then shoved into cotton socks before}....just tell me. help me, please!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

go green.

happy saint patrick's day
& all of that other crap.

we're nothing close to being irish in this house; therefore, the 17th of march is, honestly, just another day for us. but, i am wearing my green today because i would really hate to have to bitch slap somebody for pinching me.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

scheduled posts...really?

this full-time gig that i landed at work is cramping my blogging style. i mean, i'm usually not one to schedule posts. but, what did i do on sunday night {instead of getting to bed at a decent hour}? yep. i cranked out a few blog posts that will be published throughout the week. that's not me. well, it's going to have to be me. i just feel like i'm cheating on you guys or something!


let me just fill you in on things, okay?
  • work is going well. i had a briefing today on my benefits package and i'm amazed with how wonderful i have it at this company.
  • malia turned nine on friday and, good gracious, she also developed quite the attitude over the weekend.
  • adam & i are currently battling our son, aidan, and his lack of will. everything with him is a battle. bottom line? he's lazy. ugh.
  • we're dog-sitting for our parents & frisco absolutely loves to torment their dog. poor no-no {short for noelle} the shih tzu. but, in her defense, she's 12 and she's set in her ways. besides, she doesn't have time to take any smack from a nine month old boston terrier.
  • adam & i are now the same age. he turned 32 yesterday. we had dinner here. they just opened a restaurant near our home a few weeks ago & we thoroughly enjoyed our meal.
  • i will post pictures of our new floors as soon as i get this room i'm currently blogging in organized & find my camera.
  • i signed up for belle on heels' spring swap & i think you should, too.
  • did you know that, d, the awesome gal who designed my blog is holding not one, but two, lisa leonard giveaways? yep. click here for one and click here for the other.
  • you know i'm having a giveaway, too, right? to enter, you can either click on the link to the right {the girls night out tabletopics pic} or click here.
  • i really need to color my hair {there are gray roots....yes, roots, popping up all over the place}. i also need a good haircut. i could probably use an eyebrow wax. oh, and a mani/pedi. i think i need to treat myself to a spa day. soon.
  • spring break is coming up soon and i'm ashamed to say that i'm looking forward to it because our kids will be spending the week with my parents. yes, i'm selfish {at times}, but we're also quite fortunate that my parents do things {like keep our kids for a week} for us.
  • adam spent a pretty penny on lawn care stuff at the home depot last weekend. that means i will need to swallow a few sudafeds and get myself ready for yard work {and hay fever}.
  • i'm painting my nails green tonight for st. patty's day. i think i will paint them this color {i love zoya polish!}.
there's more. trust me, i could talk type for hours. anything new going on with y'all??


something new?

i love, love, love my blog design.

i won a giveaway for a new blog layout many months ago {seems like it's been an eternity!} courtesy of the design girl & that is how i ended up with this current design. let me tell you, D was fabu to work with & i absolutely adore her work {and i'm just a touch jealous that she can do what she does!}.

question is...

is it time for an update??

what do you think...tell me, please.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

double the birthday fun.

malia's birthday was on friday. adam's birthday is today.

no parties {not yet, at least*}. no fancy dinners {chinese take-out doesn't count}. we didn't even have birthday cake. well, we had an ice cream cake on friday night for malia, so i guess that counts for something. i did bake cupcakes per malia's request on saturday afternoon, but even those were pretty much gone by the time sunday morning rolled around.

as for adam's birthday, it's on a monday. we have nothing planned. honestly, the older you get, the more it just becomes another day. irregardless, i'm sure we'll do something because i certainly can't expect adam to cook dinner on his own birthday!

happy birthday, lve...we're finally the same age {at least for the next six months...ha!}.

*malia's actual birthday celebration {that's code word for sleepover} will take place later on this month. perhaps after our home returns to a somewhat state of normalcy {i'll get to this later...}.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

stupid is as stupid does.

"But let me tell you something, folks...
You can't fix stupid.
There's not a pill you can take. There's not a class you can go to.
Stupid is forever."

thank you, ron white, for your words of wisdom.

heed these words, people.

{yes, i watched the 10th anniversary special of the blue collar comedy tour this weekend on cmt. i laughed a lot on saturday night. a whole lot.}

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Friday, March 12, 2010

who i am.

malia has been hinting for weeks that she wanted this cd. how fortunate for her that today is her birthday & this cd is just one of many gifts she'll receive today. i can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees it. there is no doubt in my mind that she'll be squealing with delight.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

i am that girl who...

  • enjoys beverly hills, 90210 {i professed my undying love for the show once before} - not the new show, but the original...the original that is still in syndication on the soap opera network.
  • will not hesitate to go out in public with absolutely zero makeup on {going to work is a different story}.
  • doesn't always shower on the weekend {it's not as gross as you think and, come monday, my hair looks fabulous}.
  • shops at super wal-mart way too much {target, too}.
  • has a slightly sick obsession with hgtv's house hunters & house hunters international {i think it's because i like to bitch about the petty people}.
  • hasn't missed a single episode of grey's anatomy since the very first episode of season one...until now. i haven't watched in weeks {for no particular reason} and i have no desire to get caught up.
  • has pretty rough looking hands - think split nails, dry cuticles, a hangnail or two - no matter how often they're manicured, lotioned & loved.
  • hates shaving her legs.
  • only wears socks when the weather is chilly {come on, summer!}.
  • isn't quite put together.
  • stumbles over her own feet sometimes.
  • still gets tongue-tied when nervous.
  • doesn't have much of a backbone when it comes to sticking up for herself.
  • dreams of having a bikini body, but has come to realize that she's far too modest & thinks that tankinis are both practical and smart {and some are damn sexy, too}.
  • loves, loves, loves mexico, but cannot speak a lick of spanish.
  • cusses too much.
  • is a slacker when it comes to returning phone calls & emails.
  • worries a lot. probably a little too much.
  • drives a dirty, squeaky car.
  • isn't quite the homemaker she should be.
  • didn't realize that blogging would be so important to her.
  • procrastinates. a lot.
who are you?

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

moms don't get grossed out...or do they?

i've said it before..."i'm a mom. nothing grosses me out anymore."

i mean, i can handle potty talk - of the pee & poo kind, but i can deal with the other kind of potty talk, too.

potty talk while eating? no problem. it's gross, i know, but momma's not gonna let anything come between her & her food.

problems with the pee or poo? no sweat. i've potty-trained two children - one of whom had some serious "elimination issues" - so talk about constipation, diarrhea or suppositories don't make me cringe. wiping butts isn't an issue either...unless you are too damn old to be asking someone to wipe your hiney.

projectile vomit doesn't send me running. i will even investigate to see if something was eaten that shouldn't have been {imagine my son's dismay when just a few weeks ago he was busted - post-vomit - for eating airheads of the blue variety}.

boogers & snot? no worries. i'll pick your nose or wipe it...whatever is needed.

dirty sheets? it doesn't matter the accident {well, maybe it does}, but i'll wash them for you.

high fevers? motrin & a tepid bath it is!

funky rashes, bumps & other skin wickedness? i've got some cream in the cabinet somewhere.

i like to feel that i'm pretty immune to most all of what gets thrown my way now that i'm a semi-experienced mother of two {and by semi-experienced i mean that my kids haven't reach the 'tween/teen years yet...that's a whole 'nother ballgame!}.

however...and this is a big however...

i do get grossed out.

did you notice that i did not mention a single word about blood or loose teeth? yep. you guessed it...

if you're bleeding for any reason other than a paper cut or a minor scrape, please go bother someone else. don't even ask me for a band aid. i can't help you. i won't help you. yeah, yeah, yeah...i birthed two babies. there was blood. but that was my blood, people! i don't want to see your blood.

as for loose teeth, don't wiggle them in front of me even if i did ask you, "is your tooth loose?" and, if they are really wiggly & just hanging by a nerve, please don't come running to show me. you'll be asked kindly to "go find your father." i have even been known to bribe my children to get them away from me with their loose teeth {this almost always seems work against me...i still owe my daughter the dress she wanted from target because i told her that if she would just pull out her loose tooth i would get it}.

needless to say, i guess i'm not as 'tough' as i think i am. but, i suppose being squeamish about two out of the many gross things that come along with having children isn't really bad. is it?

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

GIVEAWAY - tabletopics: girls night out


  • are you a "steel magnolia?"
  • if you could do a risky activity once with no risk what would you choose?
  • which part of having a baby has been or will be most difficult for you?
  • what do you enjoy eating when you're alone?
  • what song evokes the strongest memories?
those questions above are just a small sample of what you'll find if you're browsing through the girls night out edition of tabletopics.

tabletopics - have you heard of them?

tabletopics was founded by cristy clarke who did not want to go to another cocktail party where small talk went absolutely nowhere. tabletopics is a fun way to get people talking. just like their motto says, "great questions to start great conversations." currently, there are many different topics to choose from - family, teen, couples, girls night out, college, decades {60s, 70s, 80s}, etc. and, don't think that you're limited to the tabletopics cube. you can get "to go" versions of tabletopics as well as partytopics {napkins, place cards or coasters} and journaltopics {life, wedding or pregnancy}.

we have the family version in our home & we keep it on our kitchen table. it's definitely a great item to have out when friends come over because someone is going to open up the cube {out of curiosity} and start asking questions.

i was thrilled to stumble across the girls night out version at my local hallmark store and i picked up one for me...and one for you to win!

to enter this giveaway, all you have to do is answer one of the five questions listed at the beginning of this post.

for extra entries, you can blog about this giveaway {sidebar links are fine}, tweet about this giveaway {please include me @maliasma}, follow tabletopics on twitter {@TableTopicsInc} and/or visit tabletopics' website & tell me which product you'd most like to have.

this giveaway will be open until 11:59pm e.s.t. on friday, march 19th & i'll announce the winner that weekend.

good luck & tell your friends...this is definitely something you'll want to have the next time you & your girlfriends get together for some wine & chit-chat!

the fine print:
  • i was not endorsed by tabletopics in any way, shape or form - they did not contact me and say, "hey, will you feature our product & giveaway one?"
  • i purchased the girls night out version tabletopics cube with my own moola.
  • this is simply something fun...from me to you...because i love y'all!
  • international bloggers are welcome.
  • winner will be chosen at random using
  • did i miss anything else??

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

small talk six - i hate grocery shopping.

really, i do.

i especially hate it because it seems like we're always at super walmart {sundays are the worst!}. i suppose i could shop somewhere else, but i honestly get the most bang for my buck at super walmart. but {and there's always a but} they reel you in & you almost always end up leaving with much more than the, oh...say, SIX items that were on your list.

so, for today's small talk six session over at momdot, name six items that are on your grocery/shopping list every week. are you ready for my list? don't get too excited. it's pretty damn boring if you ask me. {make sure you've had some coffee before reading this because it's guaranteed that you'll yawn...}
  1. bread - i try to buy 'healthy' bread {like a honey wheat or 12-grain} but we recently fell in love with italian sammich bread. i honestly don't remember the brand of italian bread that we usually get, but imagine my surprise when i discovered that pepperidge farm makes an italian wheat loaf. it's very yummy. very, very yummy.
  2. milk - milk consumption has decreased in our home, but we still go through about a gallon a week {it used to be nearly three a week when the kids were much younger}. once upon a time we had our milk delivered, but it just became more cost effective to buy it ourselves from the store. we almost always buy organic milk, too. too bad walmart doesn't sell organic milk by the gallon...yet.
  3. eggs - i swear we just need to get a couple of chickens and keep them in our backyard. i buy eggs by the 18-pack. the 18-pack, people!
  4. coca-cola - we love caffeine. 'nuff said. side story: my husband is notorious for leaving the empty case of cokes next to the fridge...and i always chuckle whenever he reaches into that {empty} box for a coke and is suddenly let down. ha ha ha.
  5. coffee creamer - speaking of caffeine, we need something to pour into our cuppa every morning. we own a keurig & lve it. adam goes through a ridiculous amount of creamer. he prefers international delights french vanilla or caramel brownie whatever or the dulce de leche or whatever other sweet concoction they have. i'm still not over the fact that i can no longer get coffeemate's peppermint mocha creamer anymore. i'm so sad.
  6. lunch meat & cheese - so this is like a 'two for one' kind of thing. and, yes, i'm cramming one extra thing into a list of six. however, this goes with the bread...and lunch meat & cheese go hand in hand. all four of us pack a lunch. needless to say, we eat a lot of sammiches. sometimes, we buy our meat from the deli. other times, we just buy it off the shelf. we love roast beef & turkey. and, imagine my delight when my children declared that muenster cheese was their favorite {because i cannot stand american cheese}.
so, what's on your shopping list?

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