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Stuttering Shell: February 2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010

say what?

please head on over to kaitlin's blog, life of a busy wife, to participate in her new blog hop...

today is the inaugural edition. you know, the very first one. me, feeling exceptionally lazy & lame this morning, took the easy way out and posted a link to a blog post from earlier this week. i'll get 'on the ball' next weekend. i promise. {i blame it all on the lack of coffee this morning & the serious mountain of laundry that is waiting for me in the mud room.}

anyways, get over there! i know you guys have some 'say what?!' moments you wanna share.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

small talk six - reservations for six, please.

it's been a very long while since i last participated in momdot's small talk six! i'm excited to be joining in on the fun again...there are some very fun topics for 2010.

today's topic is...

6 famous people you would love to have dinner with
  1. bradley cooper - so i could just stare at him...and, quite possibly, eat him for dessert.
  2. dale earnhardt, jr. - i like fast cars, the color green {although red is my favorite} & the number 88. and, maybe, just maybe, he would let me shift his gears because i know how to drive a stick. {oh, my gosh people...get your minds out of the gutter!}
  3. kenny chesney - so i could smack him for not having virginia beach on his summer tour schedule this year; although, i suppose things could change, but still...he's not part of the country mega ticket package & i'm just a little bit peeved. summer isn't summer without a kenny show!
  4. dave matthews - i love jammin' to some dmb, but holy moly, mr. matthews, i can't understand a word you say when you talk in between sets. maybe a lovely dinner would help me understand you. and, maybe you can teach me a few of your funky dance moves, too.
  5. jimmy buffett - because it's 5 o'clock somewhere, i do indeed have a license to chill & i think i may have found that lost shaker of salt {salt, salt, salt, salt!}.
  6. jack johnson - *sigh* his music is dreamy. he is dreamy. i just adore him. oh, and maybe he could teach me how to surf.
what a selfish & scandalous list! a majority of these men are either smitten with someone or married. hell, so am i! but, a girl can dream, right? i'm also ashamed that this list is purely for my personal enjoyment only. i didn't invite any historical figures, political types, classy actresses or crazy divas. no presidents {current or ex}, no foreign dignitaries, no television news anchors and no pop stars. although it might be interesting to have lady gaga over {because, really, is that your poker face?}. but, if i invite lady gaga then i would surely have to invite perez hilton because they are like b.f.f.'s or something {and besides, i *love* gossip!}.

damn. that's two people too many. oh, well...the lady, perez & i could just have a g.n.o. {girls night out} or something.

if you could choose six famous people to invite over for dinner, who would YOU choose? head over to momdot & participate!

*if you click on each man's name you will be linked to a picture of that particular manly man.

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but he's not a girl dog...

frisco was neutered on wednesday. thank goodness because the 'red rocket' has been causing quite the commotion in our home lately.

as the kids & i drove home from school on wednesday afternoon, i explained to them that frisco did fine with his surgery, that he needed plenty of rest & that he could not play, run or jump. i told them that they needed to help me out with taking care of him & making sure that he was warm and comfortable. they agreed.

easy enough, i thought.


always the inquisitive one, aidan had questions. questions that required very specific answers.

aidan: mom, did frisco have to get stitches?

me: yes.

aidan: does he have stitches on his stomach?

me: no. not on his stomach.

aidan: well, where?

me: he has stitches on his goo-goo*.

awkward pause. then aidan turns towards me with the most horrifying grin on his face.

aidan: ugh. on his goo-goo?

me: yes. but he'll be okay.

aidan seems satisfied with the answers he's been given, but he wasn't quite done asking questions.

aidan: but he's not a girl dog.

me: what?

aidan: frisco. he's not a girl dog.

me: no, he's not. he's a boy.

aidan: well, if he is a boy dog how could he have babies? you said he had surgery to make sure he didn't have any babies.

oh, geez. what have i gotten myself into??

fortunately, the conversation ended there. but, who knows when aidan will decide to pick right back up where we left off.

*'goo-goo' is yet another silly term we use in our home when referring to a penis. sad, but true.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010


tickets for dave matthews band's july 20th show go on sale tomorrow morning. i hope i can purchase two tickets. adam & i haven't missed a dave show in years.

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

enjoy the video - it's from the 2007 show. adam & i had 8th row seats. pretty awesome. i'll apologize now for the quality. it's hard to take video with a digicam, dance & drink beer all at the same time. the guys in front of us also made it difficult for me, but at least you'll get some amusement out of seeing their arms pop up throughout the video {and thank goodness i'm not singing along me, my voice makes nails on a chalkboard sound lovely}.

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any more what?!

on tuesday as i drove the kids to school, aidan asked why frisco needed to have surgery.

aidan: mom, why does frisco have to go to the doctor? why do they need to cut him open.

me: because he needs to be neutered. boy dogs get neutered.


aidan: but, why? what is 'noodering?'

malia: so he doesn't have any more feces.

yeah, right.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


you guys know about my job & my commute.

it's no secret that, while i was thankful to find a job, i reluctantly accepted the position due to the pay cut, part-time hours, killer commute & lack of benefits. it's also no secret that, despite loving the job, i was also very overwhelmed & maybe a little intimidated. after all, this was a bit of a career switch for me {key word being 'career'}.

i'm 99.99% certain i've found my forever job. my career. i don't know where it will take me. i don't know if it will entice me to learn more about the field of work i'm involved in {shipbuilding}, but for now i'm happy doing what i do. and, i'm happy doing it for an employer who appreciates me, who says 'thank you' to me, who tells me that i'm doing a good job, who listens, who cares.

and, what makes me even happier than doing what i do is knowing that i will be doing it full-time!

my boss asked me on tuesday {my anniversary, no less!} if i was still interested in working full-time.


so, for now, i'm enjoying every bit of having monday's & wednesday's off because starting march 15th {adam's birthday} i will be working five full days a week. yay! i'm still waiting on when they will let me move to the office that is 15 minutes from my home, but i'll gladly keep making that commute throughout the week. for now, the mere thought of having freakin' health insurance excites me {but, this is what happens when you & your family have gone without health insurance for over two months...}. oh, and the paid vacation days, paid holidays & flexible working schedule aren't half-bad either.

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last week i wrote about a few of my gripes, so now i'll share with you all some of my likes...yay.
  • the $1 section of target -- even better is when they have decent stuff in the $1 section on sale.
  • a husband that cooks...and cooks well.
  • being caught up on the laundry.
  • wine. lots of it.
  • a perfectly made latte.
  • spring-like weather.
  • being able to plant flowers in the yard.
  • growing our own herbs & veggies.
  • road trips.
  • weekends in hatteras, nc.
  • finding a perfect seashell on the beach.
  • the smell of clean kids.
  • the smell of cinnamon & cloves.
  • puppy kisses.
  • a purring cat.
  • not having a car payment.
  • daydreaming of playa del carmen, mexico.
  • being appreciated at work.
  • snuggles from the kids.
  • fierce friends.
  • a cold beer.
  • pedicured toes.
  • flip flops.
  • watching re-runs of "the nanny."
  • a night out with the girls.
  • those rare occasions when adam & i can go out for a date.
  • blogging.
  • coming home to a clean house.
  • scented candles.
  • homemade chocolate cake fresh from the oven.
what are some of your likes?

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

eight is not enough.

I can see me lovin' nobody but you
For all my life.

When you're with me, baby, the skies will be blue
For all my life.

Me and you and you and me
No matter how they toss the dice
It had to be
The only for for me is you
And you for me

So happy together...

{from "Happy Together" by The Turtles}

although adam & i have been together for sixteen years, today we are celebrating our eighth wedding anniversary.

our love story isn't your typical one. we've overcome some odds. we've triumphed together. it hasn't always been blissful nor has it ever been excruciatingly difficult. we've fought. we've loved. we've laughed. we've cried.

for better or for worse...just like we promised in our wedding vows.

he is my guy. i am his girl.

and, we are, so happy together.

happy anniversary, adam...i lve you dearly.

So happy together...

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Monday, February 22, 2010

the birds & the bees & the dog?

frisco is an unaltered eight month old dog, and we've seen quite a bit of the, uh, 'red rocket' lately. {are you following me? i mean, it doesn't take a rocket scientist - ha ha ha - to figure that out.}

we've been quite lucky that the kids haven't seen it yet. that is, until this morning.

the kids noticed. and, they were alarmed.

"mom, look. something happened to frisco's wee-nod*. it's hurt or something. maybe one of the cats got him."

"mom, did frisco get shaved? his jack* is red and looks sore."

oh, boy.

7:45 a.m. in the morning is not the time to discuss the sexual organs of the family pet...especially to two kids we have no clue about the birds & the bees just yet.

i immediately distracted them, crated frisco and whisked the kids off to school.

fast forward to this afternoon.

the kids were home & adam was in the kitchen prepping dinner.

"aidan, did you tell daddy about what happened? daddy...aidan can explain. he knows more."

clearly, malia threw aidan under the 'red rocket' bus.

"yeah, dad. frisco's jack* was funny looking this morning. he was sitting on the couch & it came out and went back in. what happened? why did it look like that? is it okay?"

adam looked at me. i smiled at him.

adam's response?

"it's okay son. frisco is fine. that's just how his jack* is. he's okay."

thank goodness frisco meets his 'fate' on wednesday...he's being neutered & hopefully future appearances of the 'red rocket' will be few & far between.

*'wee-nod' & 'jack' are two silly names we use in our home when we refer to a penis. aidan came up with jack when he was about two years old and that name has stuck ever since.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010


  • a cold toilet seat {i swear, the heat in this house doesn't seem to reach the bathroom for some reason}
  • keeping with the toilet theme: 'falling in' the toilet {you know, when somebody doesn't put the toilet seat down}
  • people who speed through parking lots like they are cruising down the highway
  • clothes that look better on the hanger
  • dry, cracked knuckles despite slathering on gallons of hand lotion
  • chipped nail polish
  • a slow computer
  • finding an empty bag of almond m&m candies on the kitchen counter {especially when you know you've only eaten maybe 10 m&m's from the bag}
  • dirty dishes next to the sink
  • laundry that you've forgotten about in the wash {please tell me i'm not the only one guilty of this one}
  • bickering children {especially when it's over something silly}
  • finding a hairball in your bed {life with three kitties is never dull!}
  • even better than a hairball in your bed: coming home to find a bird and a rat in your kitchen...both of which are still very. much. alive.
  • forgetting something at the grocery store
  • having to stop for gas when you're already running very late
  • brake tappers
  • a bad haircut
  • hot coffee gone cold
  • an overflowing trashcan
  • since we're talking trash: forgetting to take the trashcans to the curb on trash day or completely missing the trash man altogether {we've done both in this house!}
  • dry, itchy skin
  • opening your underwear drawer to find that your only clean undies are of the large, granny panty variety
  • speaking of 'unnawears': uncomfy, thong panties {ha...seems like an oxymoron, doesn't it because - even though i will wear a thong if necessary - there is nothing comfy about walking around with a string of fabric in my buttcrack}
  • cleaning up after a party only to find that one of your nice painted wineglasses was broken...and no one told you about it
  • surprise guests {call ahead, please!}


  • writing about your gripes to avoid putting the furniture back into the living room after you had the carpets cleaned.....

got gripes?


keep calm...we have a winner!

it excites me very much to announce the winner of my "keep calm & blog on" giveaway...

brittany ann
{a.k.a. my sista from another mista!}
check out her blog by clicking

congrats, girl!!

email me with your preferences {color choice & "blog on" poster size} & mailing addy so that i may get this lovely item to your doorstep a.s.a.p.!!

thank you, thank you to all who entered and welcome to some new faces/followers!!

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who won?

i don't even know yet!

i promised you all that i would announce the winner of my latest giveaway on friday morning.

well, friday morning came and went.

the winner will be posted later today. promise.

i had a l-o-n-g thursday. the pup went to the emergency vet on thursday night because he would not stop vomitting. frisco & i returned home around 2:30...on friday morning. needless to say, i was super t-i-r-e-d when i woke up friday morning for work and i did not have time to choose the winner {that and i don't use the internet at work}.

so, after my carpet guy comes to clean my icky carpets {thank you, frisco} i will get back online to choose the winner. okay?

Friday, February 19, 2010

complicated order.

if you don't laugh while watching this, i'll call suh-curity on you.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

you're so vain... probably think this blog post's about you.

well, if you meet any or all of the characteristics below, then you're probably right.
  • superficial charm
  • a grand sense of self-worth
  • pathological lying
  • being cunning & manipulative
  • no remorse or guilt
  • shallowness
  • a cold lack of empathy
  • inability to take responsibilities for one's actions

i hope & pray that you all out there do not know someone like this...someone with aggressive narcissism.

i do.

and, it's sad, i tell ya. sad, sad, sad. no wonder the name of the 'issue' came from this guy's story {oh, the flashbacks of mythology lessons in school!}.

**the characteristics i listed in this blog post came from an e-mail from a friend who knows the same sad person that i know. see, i told you it was sad.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

psst...remember me?

i feel like it's been an eternity since i last posted when it's only been a few days. i don't know about you, but this week seems to be dragging on...thank goodness tomorrow is thursday. that means the weekend is only a few days away.

a couple things have happened here at mi casa.

best news of all {if you follow me on twitter, you may already know}...

adam started a new job on tuesday. yay!

he struggled with the decision to accept. he was humbled by the pay cut. but, he's absolutely enjoying the stress-free environment and he's very happy doing what he loves. things are not 100% back to what i would consider 'normal' for us, but we're getting there. we still have a long, winding road ahead of us - due to the ridiculousness we're currently dealing with that i can't really talk about here {but some of you know} - but we're going to make it together, hand in hand.

and, just to drive that last point home a bit, adam cracked open a fortune cookie today {leftover from this weekend} and the fortune said:

the road to success is always under construction.

ain't that the truth.

as for me, my work situation changed ever so slightly because of adam's work schedule. i'm very, very, VERY fortunate to work for a family-oriented company. they are okay with the fact that i can no longer come in at the crack of dawn. instead, i arrive to work around 9am...and i just end up working a little bit later in the day. it's been a very, very, VERY long time since i've felt this respected, supported & appreciated at work. VERY LONG TIME. adam and i are truly thankful. and, i, for one, cannot wait to see what opportunities pop up for me along the way as i continue to find my niche with this company.

in unrelated employment news, we have a new addition to our family. however, i suppose it does relate to our employment news because, well, we had to pay for it somehow. we are the proud new owners of an hp touchsmart 300 {we're giving back our current desktop...those of you who know about that unmentionable situation will understand where i'm going with this}.


i am not ashamed to admit that i purchased this bad boy from qvc who not only participates with ebates {i got some cash back from my purchase!}, but also gave me the option of paying for this sucka in five installments {easy pay is so much easier & better than credit, y'all!}. we're enjoying the computer so far - the picture is gorgie, the touchscreen feature is very cool & i'm loving the fact that microsoft office home & student 2007 {the FULL version} and a 3-year 'script of mcafee antivirus came with the 'puter {among other things}. the computer also came with windows 7...boy, am i lost. but, i'll manage.

another feature we're anxiously awaiting to try out is the tv tuner/dvr feature. qvc offered the computer with the tv tuner feature {it's an upgrade on hp's website}. i cannot wait to see how it all works because i'm ready to call our cable company to tell them 'sayonara' to our stupid cable bill {say 'buh-bye' premium channels!} & dvr box.

hmmm...what else? what else?

that's really it, i suppose.

a new job. a new computer.

other than that, it's the same 'ole, same 'ole around here {oh, yeah...we are lovin' every. last. minute. of 'survivor: heroes vs. villians'}.

oh, and don't forget to enter my giveway. pleaseandthankyou.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

love. speed. luck.

3 things:


to you & your's.

i hope you have a wonderfully red, heart-filled day. valentine's day isn't that big of a deal in our home. no gifts. no cards. just some hugs & kisses. oh, and chocolate-covered strawberries...lots of chocolate-covered strawberries {homemade, of course!}.


boogity, boogity, boogity...
let's go racing, boys!

today is the 52nd running of the daytona 500. our guy, dale earnhardt, jr., is starting in second. let's hope this is his year to win some races & maybe even the championship!


gung hay fat choy!

today we are celebrating the lunar new year.

it's chinese new year in our home. today we are ringing in the year of the tiger parents came down on saturday afternoon.

on the menu is peking duck, a whole steamed fish, turnip cakes, steamed pork buns {char siu bao}, sauteed baby bok choy & other dim sum yumminess that my not-even-close-to-being-chinese husband creates {he's been dubbed an honorary chinese guy, though...he fits right in with my mom's side of the family!}.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

i ♥ you.

{us on Ocracoke Island,NC - July 2009}

...Seems like everywhere I go,
The more I see, the less I know.
But I know one thing,
That I love you.

I love you. I love you.

I love you.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

GIVEAWAY - Keep Calm & Blog On

i'm decorating my new desk & crafting area, so i turned to etsy for some inspiration. my mantra here lately has been "keep calm & carry on." i know you've all seen the prints. they are too cute & too wonderful...not only is the message inspirational, but the color choices...oh, the color choices!

anyways, while browsing on etsy last weekend, i came across the keep calm shop. they print the traditional "keep calm & carry on" posters, but they also have a wide variety of fun & whimsical "keep calm" inspired posters as well. i made a list of what i liked & what i wanted to purchase, but i didn't see anything about blogging so i asked.

ask and ye shall receive!

the fabulous people at the keep calm shop created this:


so what does this mean for you? well, i'm glad you asked.

i'm giving one of my blog readers the chance to own a "keep calm & blog on" poster!

the lucky winner will be able to choose from a wide variety of eye-popping colors & you can choose either a 5"x7", 8"x10" or 13"x19" poster {the poster will not be framed}. the choice is yours. all you have to do, if you are chosen as the winner, is tell me the color, size & where you'd like the poster mailed to...i'll take care of the rest!

how you can enter to win:

  • leave me a comment telling me what your inspirational mantra is

for extra entries you can:

  • visit the keep calm shop & tell me which other poster(s) you like
  • grab my blog button & post it on your blog's sidebar
  • blog about this giveaway - either a post or mentioning it on your blog's sidebar
  • tweet about this giveaway

this giveaway will be open until 11:59 pm EST on thursday, february 18th.

i will announce the winner on friday, february 19th.

the fine print:

  • i was not compensated in any way to endorse the keep calm shop
  • all fees associated with this giveaway - poster, shipping, etc. - will be paid for by me out of my own lint-filled pocket
  • the winner will be chosen using
  • international bloggers are welcome to enter
  • did i miss anything??

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eclairs are evil.



since sunday, three boxes of these evil things have been consumed in my home. three whole boxes. of the mini variety, though, i might add.

three boxes.

obsessed much?

nah. just feeling a little self-indulgent, that's all.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where in the World Wednesday

happy hump day, y'all!!

it's that time of the week again:

you know the a picture of you somewhere in the world - here, there, anywhere you consider traveling. then, post the link on this week's post over at classy in philadelphia's blog. also, be sure to use the really cute WITWW graphic that feris made. oh, and then have fun viewing everyone else's's like a virtual vacation {and you're meeting new bloggy friends & visiting with old bloggy friends at the same time!}.

this week, i'm posting a throwback...

just a pic of the kids & i from august 2004. we were on a week-long family vacay in hatteras, nc.

i miss those days when my kids were itty-bitty. in the picture, aidan was just over a year old & malia was 3.5 years old. it's hard to believe that next month malia will be n-i-n-e.

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random glee.

during my bout of wallow & self-pity, i neglected to focus on what's good & what's important. duh. so, here i am, doing just that...focusing on good, important things. things that matter...

those two kids pictured above. what a candid moment. on the beach in hatteras, nc circa 2005. they are my greatest joy.

speaking of those two kids:

  • aidan passed the first round of screening for the gifted program. he will be tested again in march to see if he just might be able to enter our school system's gifted program next year as a second grader.
  • malia turns n-i-n-e next month! she's heading into her 'tween years quickly. i think we are going to have a bowling party for her. she's also doing ridiculously well in school. she's busy with the s.c.a. and tech club. and, she totally rocked her ancient greece project and got a A+ on the comedy & tragedy masks she made.

happiness really IS a warm puppy -- and i've got the best lil' puppy by my side, frisco. he's currently snoozing in his teeny bed {his big bed is in his 'house'} while i get some blog posts scheduled.

the fact that it's snowing outside is pretty exciting. three times in three weeks! that never happens here in coastal virginia! it sure is pretty to look at...i feel like i'm living inside of a snow globe! on the flip side, i'm quite thankful that we're not getting walloped like my parents did {and are...again!}. they are digging out of over 2+ feet of snow and they only live 2.5 hours away from me in fredericksburg. my mom wished for snow...i guess you gotta be careful what you wish for!

{today's snow so far}

my new desk & craft area is pretty awesome if i do say so myself. it's still very messy & in need of some good organizing, but it's coming along nicely. it's opened up this room quite a bit and i can't wait to get the rest of the room cleaned up this weekend. what would make me happy is if we could find a nice, cozy chair & side table. hmm...

our good friends, matt & steve, helped adam with every aspect of constructing the new desk from making the executive decision on which laminate counter top pattern to pick {because, really, what guy would pass up a trip to lowe's?} to making saw cuts to spray painting the pvc pipe legs to installing the ginormous desk onto my muraled wall!

this weekend there is a lot to celebrate:

  • vlentine's dy
  • the daytona 500
  • chinese new year {it's the year of the tiger!}

coincidentally, all of these things fall on the same day - february 14th. so, on sunday, i'll be wearing a red shirt, sporting my dale earnhardt, jr. cap & eating peking duck.

and, after this weekend's fun festivities, this guy & i will celebrate eight years of wedded bliss on the 23rd:

{our happy little family in bah-ston, september 2009}

i found out recently - as in yesterday - that i will be moving to an office closer to home {as in, my 45+ minute commute will become maybe 15 minutes} and that i will become a full-time employee. when that will all take place...i don't know. but, it's guaranteed to happen some time this year. woo hoo!

oh, and did i mention that i have an etsy shop now? it's up & running. it's still very much a work in progress, but at least i did it. i hope to add more items to the shop this weekend. i have a feeling that i will be leaning more towards the pet paintings & painted glassware. however, if you want a custom topiary piece, please let me know!

so, i guess that even with all of my complaints, life really IS good.

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hold on a sec...

many apologies about yesterday's not exactly nice just plain mean post. i had to get it out of my system. nothing new has transpired as of late, but the sad reality is that the hubs & i are still dealing with a very unfortunate situation. and, we will be for a while.

some of you know about 'the situation.' some of you don't. some of you are brilliant enough to read between the lines. it's too personal for me to discuss in detail here on le blog...mostly because of the legality of the situation {yeah, it's that serious} and mainly because the person i currently love to hate reads this blog {hey, thanks for quoting an excerpt of my blog during my unemployment hearing...i'm flattered}.

besides, why should i bring you guys down by bitching about my drama and other dumb shit?

i shouldn't.

so, from here on out {or until i feel another bitchy spell come over me} i'm moving forward...back to the land of happiness i will go...

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

not ready to make nice.

i'll admit it...

i'm still bitter. very bitter.
i tend to hold grudges. i'm quite good at it.
i know it's not good for me, but it's just one of my defense mechanisms, i suppose.
eventually, i will forgive. but, never will i forget.

especially in this situation. a situation that is both absolutely absurd and screwed up all at the same time.

how a person can't see that they are at fault is beyond me.
how a person can act like everything is a-okay is beyond me.
how a person can continually lie is beyond me.
how a person can even think that they'll come out alright & be "back in business" is beyond me.


get a grip and get a good, fresh dose of reality.

my children - yes, my children - have a firmer grip on what's right & what's wrong than you do.
my children understand the consequences of their actions.
my children know that it's not okay to cast blame on another when it is one of them who is really at fault.
my children know that telling lie after lie after lie will only keep them in trouble.

maybe one of these days this person will realize the magnitude of the situation.
maybe one of these days this person will actually realize that the only person to blame is themself.
maybe one of these days this person will understand the severity of the situation.
maybe one of these days this person will actually have the heart to apologize to it's family & to the other families whose lives have been either ruined or temporarily put on hold because of all of this.

until then...

i'll be moving forward without you. because i'm not ready to make nice.

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Monday, February 8, 2010


i survived a night of football!

of course, three bottles of wine & two boxes of mini eclairs helped. oh, and so did the hot wings & the antipasti platter.

oh, and the commercials...although i think it's safe to say that this year's commercials weren't nearly as hilarious as i remember from years past.


except for this one.

i laughed my butt off. {and then everyone was scared to open the bag of doritos in the kitchen.}


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Friday, February 5, 2010

cold & soggy.

last weekend, we had a bunch of this:

and this:

and this:

it's not supposed to snow like that here. no sir. not in the mid-atlantic. not when i live ten minutes from the atlantic ocean. i think we got about 10" total...some parts of our yard had more due to the drifting snow.

schools were out until wednesday. wednesday, y'all. i didn't go to work for most of this week because of the weather & my kiddos being out of school. oh, who am i kidding, i only missed one day {duh, i only work three days a week}. but, still. i was seriously on the verge of a nervous breakdown {well, i could blame more than snow & restless kids for that}.

this morning, we still had a nice patch of snow in our yard. there are still piles of {icky, dirty} snow around town.

well, maybe not anymore because i'm sure it's all gone now.

washed away.

while the rest of the state and the upper portions of the mid-atlantic are being hit by snowmageddon, we are being pelted with rain. rain that is pouring out of the sky in sheets. sideways. seriously, isn't this like the 340934067982734th nor'easter so far this winter?
i was out in our laundry room and the rain was coming in the cat door. the. cat. door.


i don't know about you, but i am so ready for some summer weather. bring on the heat & humidity. i'm over this roller coaster weather. crazy snowy forecasts. 20 to 30 degree temperature changes. frigid air. dry skin. red noses.

i want sunshine. sweaty skin. bare feet. tank tops. summer nights. oh, i'll even take 'skeeter bites over this crummy weather. well, maybe i'll draw the line at 'skeeter bites.

silly groundhog. thanks for nothing.

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it is soooooo late {i'm gonna need a lot of coffee in a few short hours!} but i just had to share the news with y'all...

my etsy shop is up & running!
it is still very much a work in progress and, right now, my listings are pretty much a hodge-podge of things, but i want feedback. give it to me. tell me what you want to see. what you don't want to see. i still have a couple more items to list. i just haven't gotten around to it because i really, really, really need to go to bed {i have to get up for work in less than 5 hours...yikes!}.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

in twenty-two days...

{us on ocracoke island, nc - june 2007}

...this man & i will celebrate our eigth wedding anniversary.

february 23, 2002 was the day we said "i do."

when we got married, we had already been together for eight years. we've managed to make it through another eight more.

sixteen years i've been with this man.

sixteen years.

that's half of my life {so far}!

i'd be a liar if i said things have been peachy & all lovey-dovey. like any other relationship, they haven't. we've had our ups. we've had our downs. there have been moments when he's been a real joy to be around...not. and, of course, there have been times when i've been a less than stellar girlfriend/wife.

bottom line is this, though:

this is my man. the love of my life. he is my best friend. he is my soul mate.

we can't picture ourselves without the other.

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