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Stuttering Shell: June 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008

Not much is left to the imagination anymore...

After spending the majority of my Sunday afternoon at "The Boardwalk" in Hershey Park, I've come to the conclusion that bathing suits really don't leave much to the imagination anymore. This revelation shouldn't come as a shock to many because bathing suits really don't, but I spent a lot of time yesterday people watching and, wow, there are certain things that people shouldn't wear in public and that's all I have to say about that...for now.


There's some brass in that ass!

Adam and I finally left Virginia Beach on Saturday night. We had a late start due to various things -- mostly work and getting last minute stuff taken care of at home. During our drive up, we stopped on 64 at the rest stop just past West Point. I sat in the car while Adam went to the bathroom.

When he got back to the car, he was laughing to himself. I asked him what was so funny. He said a guy came into the bathroom (apparently we drove by this particular man in the parking lot). They were both standing there at the urinals when the man's son came in. Not long after that, Adam said the man let out a ridiculous fart. You know, the kind with "good out," "nice tone," etc. Immediately afterwards, Adam said the man said, "Aw, yeah, that's right baby." Apparently lots of laughter broke out in the bathroom as the man and his son started cracking up at his father's flatulence.

My husband, being the brilliant master of one-liners, then proceeds to say, "That sounded like a tuba."


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Desperately seeking shoes!

I should have bought another pair of these shoes (Clea printed-fabric ballet flats in Navy) when they had them in my size. Damn j.crew for not having them in my size anymore. I guess the one consolation is that they have this particular style of shoe in numerous other patterns still available in my size.
This shoe is totally comfy and I'm IN LOVE with it. Seriously, IN LOVE. I guess I'll just have to buy a couple more pairs and find a really good dry cleaner I can trust to keep my Navy Clea's in good shape.

A $350 lesson...

So, it has been decided that A will attend school with M -- registering him for Kindergarten is not a problem and I already have afterschool care arrangements made for him (I just have to get the registration paid for and then we're good to go).

The plus side of A & M going to school together is that they will be together. They can ride the schoolbus together in the morning and I won't be busting my butt to make sure two kids get to two different schools in the morning anymore. Another bonus is that M will not be attending before school care like orginially planned. That's always nice and keeps her day from being so long.

The downside of A going to school with M is that back in February I had to put a deposit down for A's spot in the Kindergarten class at Rollingwood Academy. A $350 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. I've already called the school, faxed them a letter and mailed them a letter letting them know what our plans our and that Aidan will be withdrawing from the school effective immediately. I'm hoping that at least some of the deposit will be refunded to me considering that I've given them ample time (school doesn't start for another two months), but we'll see.


Bottle of red....bottle of white....

I would just like to state for the record that the Billy Joel concert last Saturday at the Amphitheather was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! We missed the first few songs thanks to the ridiculous traffic, but I guess that was to be expected for a sold-out show.

Our tardiness did not matter, however, because Mr. Joel was phenomenal...he jammed on the piano and sang his heart out for two hours straight. That man can still rock!


Peace Be With You

My great uncle passed away. I received the news on Sunday afternoon. My father is flying home to Mississippi for the funeral (which is today). I feel bad for my father. This is the second family member he's buried in a year. His sister passed away last June after a courageous battle with cancer. My Uncle Charley was a fiesty man...I have the best memories of him and my Aunt Pearl. The two of them were like second parents to my father. I hope my Aunt Pearl is doing well. I know her faith in God will pull her through.

I wish I could be there...


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oh, yeah...

This is in reference to the post below...

To complicate things even further (and to give me something else to think about)...I COULD enroll Aidan in the other elemtary school that is in our zone (it's on the standard calendar) and he would be able to participate in the Parks & Rec sponsored afterschool care at the recreation center closest to our house (transportation provided). The only glitch with that plan is that for the 1st grade I will have to enroll him at his sister's school so that means I'll still have to do some shuffling around in another year's time.

Just something else to think about...

A tough decision to make...

Well, I guess it isn't a tough decision, it's just a rather complicated decision to make. Aidan went to a private pre-school last year and is currently scheduled to attend in the fall for their private kindergarten. I am absolutely happy with the education he received and I love the prospect of having him attend full day kindergarten. The public schools in our area do not offer full day kindergarten unless you are a special needs child. So, the decision to go public v. private has been an ongoing debate in our household. Irregardless of which school he goes to, there is going to be a matter of cost involved because we'll need additional care before and after school. Additionally, the full day kindergarten has a tuition associated with it, naturally, because it's a private school.


Hubby's first choice (and still is) has been to send Aidan to his sister's school. She attends a year-round public school and has thrived in the environment. We love the shorter break schedules that happen more frequently throughout the school year. We also love the faculty and staff at the school and feel that our daughter is attending the best elementary school in our city. Aidan has flip-flopped about where he would like to go. Some days he wants to go to HIS school. Other days he wants to go to school with his sissy. Today, he advised me that he would like to go to his sister's school. The more and more I think about it, I'm beginning to realize that this might be the best and most cost-effective option.

My only concern is that I feel that Aidan might be a bit bored and uninterested in the curriculum just becase he attended a full-day pre-school. But, he could surprise me and adjust well. Children are pretty resilient.

The next step is registering him for kindergarten and finding proper childcare for him after school. Malia was going to attend before and afterschool care this coming school year. Aidan can attend before school care with her since it takes place at the school. However, he cannot attend the afterschool care with her because he will be enrolled in morning kindergarten and afterschool care begins promptly at 3pm when school dismisses for the day. Therefore, I will have to find him a separate childcare facility to go to. The beauty of this, though, is that most childcare places will pick up the children and transport them to the school.

So, I guess the "tough" part now is to actually make a decision on which school he will attend. If he truly is going to go to school with Malia then we need to get moving because (*shouts of joy*) school starts on July 21st. =] I will also need to enroll him into an afterschool program (and I have an idea of where) and I will need to cancel his registration at his current school and see how much of the $350 deposit will be refunded to me.

The more and more I think this through, the more and more I realize that while cost will still be a factor, I think that he will enjoy going to school with his sister and the stress of taking two kids to two different schools will be eliminated.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bad credit?

Those with bad credit need not apply. I don't care who you are. Don't come to US and ask US to help you. Do the right thing and fix your fuck ups yourself. Your issues don't become priority for me and my family. Act like every other tax paying citizen and DO WORK!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It's been quite humbling to go around without a VISA checkcard. After a few suspicious telephone calls on Friday, I called my bank to cancel my checkcard and re-order a new one. While I wait for the new card to arrive, I'm returning to the "old school" ways of making purchases -- writing a check or paying with cash. Since Friday, I have felt like that person in the VISA commercials that makes everything come to a screeching halt because I am asking who to make the check payable to. It's been an experience.

I honestly don't remember how I was able to go about and make day-to-day purchases many years ago when I did not possess a VISA checkcard. I have learned that I rely on that little rectangle of plastic far too much...because now that it's gone I feel like my life-line has been cut. At least my bank account isn't taking too bad of a hit because of all of this...I can't go out and spend like I usually do because there's no way to pay for an online purchase with cash or check.



Friday, June 13, 2008

Oooh, and while I'm thinking about it...

Tomorrow, well, today is Friday the 13th. It's also M's last day of school. It's also pay day (bonus...but, then again, every Friday is)...but Adam got a raise, so this pay day is even more special.

Did I mention that the painter will be at my home as well? Yeah, to paint that room that still has the wretched wallpaper border up. I never want to see another Laura Ashley Mermaid print ever....EVER.

OK...I think my random babble is done for the night. =]


To hell with it!

I'm over the damn wallpaper border. I swear the woman who put it up for me just over five years ago must have used some really strong adhesive -- epoxy? -- because the shit is NOT coming off. I used one of those rotary wallpaper scoring gadgets. We sprayed the hell out of the border with this stuff called DIF. It's some blue gel that is supposed to make wallpaper come off easily. Bullshit. I let it sit for the 15-20 minutes the directions called for...I got out the "Tiger Scraper" thing that Adam bought (that is also made by the people who make that DIF crap) and wouldn't you know it...all of the freakin' wallpaper border is STILL on the walls!!

I have bits of paper, adhesive and all kinds of other random goo that I need to clean up. The walls need to be wiped down because I also tried the "1/2 fabric softener mixed with 1/2 hot water" mixture and it didn't work. Well, it did, but not how I wanted it all to. At least it smells good in M's room.

I just hope the painter doesn't have a fit when he comes over tomorrow morning. Granted, maybe I shouldn't have waited until the night before to tackle the wallpaper border. But, no one ever asked or mentioned the wallpaper when we were given the quote for the painting job. Also, up until two days ago I didn't even have the painting appointment scheduled -- I was at the mercy of the painter's schedule. OK, OK, so even that shouldn't have stopped me from making more of an effort to get the wallpaper border down. I guess I was just assuming (here I go again) that it would be a piece of cake -- after all, when I took down the border in Aidan's room back when it was done as the nursery that all came off without any issues. It just peeled right off when I used a damp sponge!

The painter arrives in just under 7 hours...yes, it's 1:10am in the morning and I've officially given up on the damn wallpaper border. It's all still coated with the DIF gel, but I honestly doesn't even look like it is working. Hell, it looks like the border soaked it up. Ah, well. I guess I'll just wait and see what happens in the morning...maybe I'll wake up and all of it will have just fallen off the walls. Yeah, right. I know, I'll keep dreaming.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friends don't let friends put up wallpaper border...

I have a very long night ahead of me. I'm not even attempting to be optimistic and hope for a quick fix. The wallpaper border in my daughter's room is NOT coming off. And, when it does, it's in bits & pieces. Fun, fun, fun.


In the double digits...

Steak Aracherra at HC de Monterrey

The countdown for Playa del Carmen is finally in the double digits!!! Only 95 more days to go until I can sink my teeth into the wonderful food at HC de Monterrey! Yum-O!


No yawning allowed!

I have too much to do and not enough time to do it all in...anyone know where I can get a magic wand??


Thursday, June 5, 2008

That bitch!

It's a term of endearment.

Seriously. It really least to me and to my boss -- who also happens to be a good friend of mine.

I came to work this morning to find a card and a gift bag on my chair. I was a bit dumbfounded because there was really no reason for a gift. Not to my knowledge, at least...

It turned out to be a "thank you" for how grateful she was to have me as a co-worker and friend. She was on vacation last week and I helped her out a lot by taking on some of her duties. The card was really sweet.

So, I looked into the gift first I didn't see anything...and then I found a piece of paper printed from the j.crew 4-7 business days I will be wearing these:

Amelia Espadrilles from j.crew

We were goofing off online during lunch JUST the other day and she and I both have a sick passion for shoes (well, what woman doesn't??). I showed her these shoes -- I told her that one day I would own them...for now they were on my "I want them so badly" list. Well, I guess I don't have to want them any longer.

Thank you, Catrina!!!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Part-time lawyer, bail bondsman and chauffeur...

The first bond hearing came and went -- continued to the next day. It was bizarre that they had the inmates talk via telephone and computer monitor. She could only see the judge. We could see how awful she looked, how shocked she was when she heard somethings she didn't realize she was charged with, we saw her walk (shackled) out of the room...she couldn't see us. She couldn't see her mother crying and looking absolutely awful. She couldn't see her father sitting there with a grim face. She couldn't see me -- not for another few days at least.

Most of my time was consumed with phone calls. If I wasn't talking to my sister-in-law, then I was on the phone with my father-in-law. Or, it was my mother-in-law calling. One of the phone calls that I did make was to rehab. I was asked to call. We got things set up. Yes, they had room for her and, yes, once she made bond she would be welcomed with open arms. Once she made bond...

Tuesday's bond hearing was different from Monday's. She was there. Shackled arms and legs...dishevled hair. We stood before the judge with our rehab ammunition in hand. He studied the paperwork. He asked questions...asked about the facility, asked about the drive and asked who would make sure she got there. Me, me, me. It would be me. Ok, very good have four bonds, get to rehab, and your court date has been continued. My sister-in-law gave me a sidewards glance. She told me she loved me. As she walked off, the lawyer and I walked out of the courtroom to discuss where we would go from here. Let the waiting begin....

And wait I did.

Upon returning to the office, I was bombarded with phone calls. I wanted to eat lunch. I needed to catch up on work. I ended up leaving around 2pm to wait on my sister-in-law and pick her up so we could begin our 4.5 hour drive to rehab. By 5pm, something clearly had to be wrong. Every tine I called the records division of the magistrate's office I was told to just call back...paperwork had not shown up. What do you mean? We were in court at 9am that morning. Come to find out, the clerk's office had messed things up...there were no bonds. Basically, our morning in court had become null and void due to the paperwork not reflecting the correct information. Are you kidding me? I left the parking lot of the jail by 7pm...only to return the next morning.

Wednesday -- another bond hearing, this time with my sister-in-law. We would get things straight. It was a different judge, but the clerk and the baliff were the same. The judge sort of laid into the clerk. Told the clerk to make sure that the information got to the correct offices because clearly the paperwork (in the original judge's handwriting) reflected that there were four bonds and her release was contingent upon her arrival and stay at rehab. Good. Get the paperwork faxed...I'll go sit in my car and wait at the jail.

I hung out with the bailbondsmen and I met a few people who were released from the jail.

Around lunchtime, something was still wrong. After a few phone calls and another visit to the courtroom with the lawyer, we finally got things rolling. Seriously...all paperwork stops because someone in the office can't READ the judge's handwriting?? WTF?! Anyway...I get back to waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

I hung out with the bailbondsmen and I met a few people who were released from the jail.
I hung out with the bailbondsmen and I met a few people who were released from the jail.
I hung out with the bailbondsmen and I met a few people who were released from the jail.
(you catch my drift??)

Finally, around 4pm, there she was. Then began the remainder of my afternoon and evening...all spent in my we got things together, ate and drove to rehab. 4.5 hours there and 4.5 hours back. When I finally got home around 5am the next morning, it was time for my husband to get up and head to the office -- literally as soon as my head hit the pillow, the alarm clock was going off. Ugh.

Two hours later (after I slept through both of my alarms) I only woke up because the phone was was the hubby calling to make sure I had both kids up so they could get to school. Then, the office called. My office manager wanted to know why I answered the phone (duh) -- because I had to get the kids to school. She told me she would take, no, I told her. OK, well, then once you get them off to school, go back to sleep. Aye, aye captain.

And sleep I did -- only to be interrupted by the phone again. The first time it was my hubby wanting to know when I was coming in. Was he fucking nuts? Did he not realize the day I had before? Surely he couldn't have been completely ignorant of the fact that I did just spend 21 hours in my was only the third day I was in court and at the jail for his sister and that I got home as the sun was rising. I hung up on him. The phone rang again, but this time it was my father-in-law. Why the hell wasn't I at work he wanted to know...again, was he fucking nuts? I'm sorry, when I sacrifice my job, my time and my life for your daughter you had better be grateful...did I even get a thank you? No, not from him. So, I hung up and I went back to sleep.


They tried to make me go to rehab...

Sing it, Amy Winehouse.

If I have to endure another month like this past May, I really may need to check into a rehab facility...or at least someplace with luscious, padded walls.

What a month May was. I sacrificed my all last month. I'm officially sacrificed out. All of my "do nice things for others" supply has been officially tapped out. I've made my good deeds quota for the year. I'm not a contortionist (gawd, did I even spell that right??) so I'm done bending over backwards for others.

The month of May has taught me that I truly am patient. I began to think that every ounce of patience I had within me had been sucked out by my (sometimes) demanding children, but I guess not. The month of May has proven to me that my parents truly DID a damn fine job of raising me and that I've become a very compassionate young woman. The month of May has shown me that the people in my life and the things that I have around me are blessings I should truly be thankful. The month of May has given me new insight to life.

I didn't go to rehab. Well, I did, but I didn't check in. No, that still doesn't sound right. Yes, I went to rehab (more than once, in fact), but it was not me who was (and excuse the really corny 'Amazing Grace' reference) "once was lost but now [is] found." OK, so maybe she isn't "found" just yet, but she's definitely finding her way and I believe she's realizing that her life's path was not supposed to continue down the road it was heading on.

My sister-in-law. Love that girl to death. I've only known her for many years. Put it to you this way, her brother and I have been together for 14 years...married for 6 of those 14 years. When I first met my sister-in-law, she was only 6. She's now 21...on the verge of turning 22. It's sad to say, I barely remember even being 21...but I certainly remember enough to know that my life at 21 was not even remotely similar to her at 21.

There was some trouble. There was some trouble before, but that had all gotten taken care of. But, it's never, ever good to get into more trouble when you're already told that you should be good (i.e., probation). May was a busy month. A cousin was graduating from college. The company was super busy with two school jobs running at the same time. My kids were suffering from the "near the end of the school year" itch. There was just a lot going on. Somehow, trouble still managed to find it's way into my already crazy life. Frantic collect telephone calls are never good...especially when your caller ID reads "Virginia Beach City............." I knew my daughter's school wouldn't be calling collect. What makes things even worse is that I didn't even get to see my caller ID until later in the afternoon -- after my sister-in-law had to call her ex-stepmother (my ex-MIL who is also known as "the big itch").

I was at work when I received the call. I had heard bits and pieces about what may or may not have happened from my husband. He heard from his uncle who lives next door to my sister-in-law. From what I understand, it was a cuh-razy night. So crazy that it landed her in jail -- solitary confinement, no less -- and that jail visit turned out to be for nearly a week (but we'll get to that part sooner or later). When the news first came about, everyone sort of backed off at first.

"No, she needs to figure this out on her own."
"She needs to realize where she's headed."
"I'm not going to help her...we helped last time and look how much good it did."
"They won't give her bond."
"Let her sit there all weekend to think about what she's done."


Despite it all, the first thing that happened was her father called his lawyer. He kept going on and on about how he wouldn't help, that she needed to learn, etc., but he called. The bond hearing would be after the weekend...we'll see the lawyer then.


How can it already be June?

It's the third day of the sixth month of the year.

Seriously, how did June already get here? Where did the first half of the year go? I realize I'm a busy person, but I didn't realize that I was so busy that half a year would fly on by.